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Quad-core shootout: Four of a kind

Quad-core shootout: Four of a kind - read the full textBuckle up people, because this is going to get rough. When the world's four most powerful smartphones are about to go ballistic, it is the right time to take this website's name literally. The stage is set for the four titans of the Android world...


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how to open an excel and docx files in star 3 duos

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  • 2012-08-24 21:05
  • X0RV

> In reply to aoba @ 2012-08-20 08:40 from 0CmI - click to readwhat if your "iPhone 5 " is a dual core?

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  • 2012-08-24 03:38
  • thaQ

Just buy the phone you can afford. Stop complaining.

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  • 2012-08-21 04:33
  • t7ER

I will not buy any of these phones because they only copying & stealing iphone idea ..
I will wait for the beast to arrive ( Iphone 5 ) and its the best quad core phone ever created ..

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  • 2012-08-20 08:40
  • 0CmI

Quad core is not noticably better than dual core in real life -- it's merely marketing.

Just get an Xperia S with direct Google AOSP support.

(Or save yourself a hell of a lot of money and get superior text input with Xperia Pro)

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  • 2012-08-19 19:53
  • mXUV

Ultimately we want great looking UI, an elegant design with a quality build that looks costly. S3 satisfies neither need, it's body feels cheap, design isn't good moreover the UI looks shit. Some other mid range 2.3 cells have better looking UI.
Buy One X if u like status and showing off else buy 4X HD.
Samsung should have provided a better build and a much better UI for the price they are charging
One X and 4X HD have outclassed S3 even though they r cheaper moreover they will run smoother as Tegra 3 is

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  • 2012-08-19 00:13
  • U@bW

UI on the s3 sucks, not as good a looker is touchwiz compared to sense and widgets of s3 look crap. Build of s3 feels like a cheap phone (looks cheap plastic). One X looks better and feels quality. Tegra 3 is faster.

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  • 2012-08-18 23:10
  • U@bW

Huawei Ascend D quad?

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  • 2012-08-17 07:28
  • 8M2f

lgo4xhd rules............

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  • 2012-08-16 21:29
  • uSSQ

only one x

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  • 2012-08-16 13:35
  • a4X4

Good fight for the quadcore phones. The only thing that has a big notable difference is the physical aspect. The LG Optimus 4X can also kick butt with this design The meizu can sell like hotcakes too. Samsung and HTC are so common nowadays! hahah!

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  • 2012-08-14 13:17
  • v0qV

> In reply to hp @ 2012-08-12 12:40 from e6iu - click to readYou're quit right! this is why I will never ever buy any apple is so childish! there are tones of china made phone which look alike to iphone, why didn't apple sue china?

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  • 2012-08-14 11:59
  • v}7V

> In reply to jtv @ 2012-08-10 14:36 from t7Xi - click to readI totally agree. After the update my HOX score better benchmark, nenamark, antutu, antuturam, vellamo. Now it beats Gs3 in almost every test.

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  • 2012-08-13 08:32
  • Layw

One more thought about this review. It lacks specifications of each of the phones. Without specifications from everything down to the type of camera, to the amount of RAM, to the size and shape of the phone, this review fails. Shadypeak updated with the settings, by the specifications from the actual manufacturers, I will review this review of this review.

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  • 2012-08-12 12:46
  • e6iu

Without 2 GB of RAM, none of these phones are really worthwhile. The phone needs quad core and 2 GB RAM and good battery management. These are the three essential qualities.

One more note: anybody that thinks that Samsung ripped off Apple is just blind. This is a natural evolution of phones. The natural evolution of products is with the patent office fails to see. It is why the patent system is broken and something needs to be fixed desperately about it. Somebody like Apple should not be able to sue another company because icons looks similar. Icons have been around since age of time and you can look past to other applications within the windows arena or even the Mack Arena that I have the same icons. This is nothing new. The judge should see this, I don't know how Savy the judge is to commonsense technology.

It is a very sad day in America when the very patent system that was needed to balance the technology between companies and people have leaned too far to the businesses. So far in fact that people are not even thought about these days.

It is another sad fact that the judges that make these decisions simply don't understand the technology. Lawyers cannot be relied upon to understand these technologies either because these technologies far eclipse that of a single product. It would be a very happy day in America if judges were to go through patents and throw out many of them, perhaps 70%. This would allow innovation to thrive once again in America. Patents have become such as laws have become. They stifle America.

The sad days are here. But we have a chance to change soon. Look who's on the committees controlled the patent reform and write to them. See the response. It's not too late to vote for somebody else. Don't worry whether there're Republican or Democrat. Worry about their position on patent reform.

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  • 2012-08-12 12:40
  • e6iu

lg 4x hd is my choice!
samsung s3 looks chip & poor design!

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  • 2012-08-10 17:36
  • vxnh

i think this review needs a redo. after updating my OneX to android 4.0.4 sense 4.1, my Quadrant benchmark scores 6121.

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  • 2012-08-10 14:36
  • t7Xi

I own both Galaxy S3 phones, the quad core and the dual core and to be honest I can't tell a difference. For most people, a dual core is just fine. I prefer my dual core Verizon S3 of course due to the fact that it get's LTE and the quad core does not here in the US.

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  • 2012-08-10 05:17
  • FLxb

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  • 2012-08-09 16:24
  • u{Ky

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