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Motorola RAZR MAXX review: Power ranger

Motorola RAZR MAXX review: Power ranger - read the full textMotorola achieved the unthinkable with the RAZR MAXX. A 9mm body, which is slim even by today's modern standards, fits a battery that dwarfs all others. With the CDMA version our all-time battery backup champion, it's now time to see how the...


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"In the end, the Motorola RAZR MAXX is and will be the battery life king for at least a while. So, for people who ....., there aren't any real alternatives"

Really ? alternatives ? about Philips W8555

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  • 2014-07-11 15:00
  • 9yJ{

After one year of use, battery capacity/effectiveness drops dramatically, holds approx. 40% of the initial time that was 2-2,5 day of normal usage.
System is nearly suspended, nothing helps, shutting down nor reset.
Great phone for 1 year...

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  • 2013-07-19 17:58
  • TrQ%

i will buy u soon....not this month...

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  • 2013-03-22 15:25
  • UD{J

> In reply to dude1982 @ 2012-12-05 17:02 from 6XxH - click to readThose Black spots are normal, The AMOLED display has that defect. I had a Galaxy S3 and the black spots where also there on dark rooms

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  • 2013-03-10 05:03
  • LusY

Its a Phonebook style I like it...then mobile Stylish very smart

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  • 2013-01-13 16:23
  • 9DHu

> In reply to dude1982 @ 2012-12-05 17:02 from 6XxH - click to readI have the Black spots too. But there are only vizibile when displaiyng a dark color, Black color is displayed very good, so it really isnt a dealbreaker. You vibrator needs to be cheched, you should go to a service, it wont take long

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  • 2012-12-06 13:28
  • 33IE

I can't play Plants Vs Zombies on my Razr Maxx(ICS)
Can someone help me, please?
I really like that game

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  • 2012-12-05 23:58
  • 9xHR

HELP!!! im a proud owner of a moto razr maxx for 5 months,
but i have 2 problems, the first problem does not annoy me wich is the dark spots on a black screen and it starts from day one.....the second problem and it does annoy me, the vibrator does not work all the time and i noticed that from about 1 month,,,,,,when the vibrator stops all i have to do is a gintle tap on the back of the phone then it works for a minuit then stops....please help what should i do.

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  • 2012-12-05 17:02
  • 6XxH

> In reply to Jaggerdss @ 2012-11-02 02:03 from QHIU - click to readYou speak for yourself.I have the maxx too.And i dont have problems with gorila glass and i have dropped the phone a few times.

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  • 2012-11-03 09:10
  • n3Em

Great phone if you lock it in a safe and don't use it! Actually you still might have a broken glass when you open the safe!. Mine along with a growing number of others are experiencing the cheap gorilla glass breaking for no apparent reason. Then Motorola charges you $100 each time. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE! I'm going back to my DroidX untill I can upgrade (which I just did 1 month ago) then I will never buy Motorola again!

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  • 2012-11-02 02:03
  • QHIU

Wish Motorolla can create a smart phone that looks like a V3 ,Best phone ever .Portable,slim and easy to use .

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  • 2012-10-15 21:29
  • 9DaA

> In reply to koldmeat @ 2012-09-05 11:56 from 9xeg - click to readThis could not psosibly have been more helpful!

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  • 2012-10-15 14:36
  • Le}E

> In reply to galaxy yer @ 2012-08-24 20:09 from 3LBs - click to read+3I agree about the locked boatdooler being disappointing, but I still feel that Motorola just makes the best quality handsets. The external speakers, the build quality, the antenna and radios, and the designs are all top notch. I have the OG Droid and I have compared with my friends different smartphones, and they all have agreed with me that the Motorola smartphones seem to get the best signal, the calls seem to be louder and clearer, and the phone just seems more solid and sturdy. So even though I will be checking out the HTC Rezound and the Samsung Galazy Nexus, I am pretty sure I will be waiting for the Droid 4 to arrive for my next phone.P.S. I checked out the Droid RAZR and yes it is a great phone, but it seems way too light and it's width vs. thickness just doesn't feel good in my hands. That and I don't like how they have the USB, HDMI and the headphone jack all on the top.

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  • 2012-10-15 14:27
  • HHHH

> In reply to koldmeat @ 2012-09-05 11:52 from 9xeg - click to read"I can only hope people flock away from Orange in dovres. Orange may get a few quid extra now, but it's goodbye forever from me! Don't forget, 'material detriment' is for you and your circumstances to determine, not for Orange." From: Ofcom are not going to investigate Orange's price rise

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  • 2012-10-14 21:27
  • 4M04

> In reply to msamogin @ 2012-10-12 02:12 from 8TEs - click to readThe only phones Google has had any input in are the new RAZR HD, HD MAXX, M and i. No the first two android RAZRs.

The RAZR MAXX is a brilliant phone. Very fast, plays most games and lasts very long on a charge :)

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  • 2012-10-12 15:00
  • 5i4e

What is your opinion about the new models of Motorola / Google after marriage? In my opinion here in Brazil the previous models had very bad hardware and batteries. So I opted for Samsung S2, but I'm thinking about buying a Droid Razr Maxx HD. He looks solid and with good configuration.

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  • 2012-10-12 02:12
  • 8TEs

> In reply to Jono @ 2012-08-25 11:30 from mqMA - click to readlol. sure you never hold nexus before.

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  • 2012-09-27 07:20
  • tu6$

> In reply to Chikku @ 2012-09-10 08:22 from 0Cj8 - click to readDroid razr maxx is having LTE and its with CDMA version. Phone is available only in USA, Canada, some part of Europe.

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  • 2012-09-13 06:12
  • 2Z4k


How can i differentiate Motrola Razr Maxx vs Motrola Droid Razr maxx

Please advise, recently i bought Razr max..but i am confised is it Drof maxx or Razr max

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  • 2012-09-10 08:22
  • 0Cj8

> In reply to galaxy yer @ 2012-08-24 20:09 from 3LBs - click to readRazr Maxx has 3300 mah battery. :)

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  • 2012-09-05 11:56
  • 9xeg

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