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LG Optimus G preview: A closer look

21 September 2012 | Read the review | Post your comment
LG Optimus G preview: A closer look - read the full textLG has shown a serious commitment to pushing the limits of Android hardware. The first dual-core droid was manufactured by the Koreans and, while they showed up late to the quad-core party, they're back with a bang with the Optimus G - the first phone to...


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Is anyone else not as impressed with the camera samples in this review? Do a side to side comparison with the Iphone or GS3 and you will see its not all that impressive. What a let down.

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  • 2012-09-25 13:53
  • qi$i

pls make a advanced version with mirco sd slot,larger capacity battery or changable battery!!!

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  • 2012-09-25 12:57
  • TITM

Before buy any LG phones, check out their Facebook page about their customer service:, you will suprise about how they treat their customers ;)

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  • 2012-09-25 10:57
  • trB6

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-09-23 07:14 from kg3U - click to readVery true.
Look up the design history of Android.
Their first prototype didn't have touch screen.That's why it still lags issue that part of the framework and why touch isn't given priority.
Only increasing hardware is slowly overcoming this.
The truth Android fans can't handle...

posted from Lumia 900.AT&T network

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  • 2012-09-24 03:13
  • PZUm

This one looks so much like the iPhone... Prepare for trial people

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  • 2012-09-23 23:47
  • 0UrC

Android lags with any hardware. It's the most buggy OS out there. Very unstable and freezes at times.

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  • 2012-09-23 07:14
  • kg3U

> In reply to TheMan @ 2012-09-22 11:05 from fq6x - click to readMy Galaxy S lags like crazy and my Galaxy S2 still lags.

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  • 2012-09-23 07:13
  • kg3U

better than iphone5 much much more…

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  • 2012-09-23 05:07
  • ibHP

Whoever is says there is lag.... >.< every phone! (Yes even iphone) when u switch from landscape to portrait in apps there is the same lag. that is all that has happened. LG have implemented the UI in a way that the homescreen switches between the two and therefore u get the typical 'lag'. EVERYTHING ELSE on this phone is SMOOTH AS BUTTER! imagine what this baby will be like with project butter a.k.a jelly bean! theyve promised it. just wait and see. WB

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  • 2012-09-23 03:58
  • 7v1K

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-09-22 16:03 from pRGI - click to readDual core chip S4 is still very powerfull.

Basically it shouldn't lag anyway right.

That OS is making these chips look like crap.

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  • 2012-09-23 01:28
  • PZUm

still lags

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  • 2012-09-22 21:19
  • PmIP

The Optimus G camera it does has 5 linces like iphone 4s/5, the best display around IPS true HD plus 768x1280 with 320ppi. Excllent job LG i hope this will get jelly bean or lime pie soon and fix the lag issue :)

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  • 2012-09-22 20:05
  • pRGI

lg has wasted their time and money by making 4x hd first then optimus g.and puting 4x hd against galaxy s3 and htc 1x. Instead of optimus g.

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  • 2012-09-22 19:37
  • U@wU

will remain the besssssssssssssssst smart phone for a long time! love ittttttttttttttttt :D

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  • 2012-09-22 18:09
  • j0c1

> In reply to kalun @ 2012-09-22 04:05 from tZk9 - click to readMost of the samsung flagship phones are look ugly. design...
optimus g. is still good looking elegant design...

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  • 2012-09-22 16:52
  • v0qx

> In reply to Windows Phone Fan @ 2012-09-22 13:26 from PZUm - click to readThis the USA s3 version it's dualcore sanpdragon s4 not quadcore karti sanpdragon that's why it lags.

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  • 2012-09-22 16:03
  • pRGI

So many people complain about the boring Android UI. The thing is... I skin my iOS. For both Android or iOS, there are always people who find the UI dull, uninteresting and ugly.
Those earphones look quite decent with the flat tangle free cables. Not very fond of having hard plastic in my ears. Love to see how well they go. Bundled earphones never grab my attention.

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  • 2012-09-22 14:06
  • v}2H

> In reply to TheMan @ 2012-09-22 11:05 from fq6x - click to read

I see lag on the s3.
Iphone 5 seems to run smoother.

S2 has lag.
Probably 4.1 should hide it all

quadcore @ 2.5Ghz & 2GB RAM and 4.1.x Maybe enough to hide it.

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  • 2012-09-22 13:26
  • PZUm

> In reply to Windows Phone Fan @ 2012-09-22 06:38 from PZUm - click to readActually i had all S series no lag at all
S1 was lagging in 1.6 and 2.1 but in 2.2 2.3 no lag except in multitasking and S2 no lag and Galaxy Note no lag now i have S3 no lag even in heavy multitasking.

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  • 2012-09-22 11:05
  • fq6x
  • kill-for-exclusivity
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LG must be saying

eat this samsung GS3

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  • 2012-09-22 07:47
  • vIYx

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