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Sony Xperia T review: T-rex

24 September 2012 | Read the review | Post your comment
Sony Xperia T review: T-rex - read the full textBack when the driving seat was shared with Ericsson, Sony was a little short of delivering a real winner in the high-end market, the company's top-range smartphones always a notch below the Galaxy S lineup and their HTC counterparts...


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Funny how GSMArena doesn't seem to think the iPhone is behind the times with a dual core processor (I wonder why Apple kept THAT quiet) but make it into a big deal with the Sony T, which I hear puts in similar performance figures to quad core Droids. Any argument about Android being resource-intensive are moot when Jelly Bean is involved, if in fact it becomes available for this phone. Still, the Xperia T physically looks a lot better than its rivals despite its silly name.

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  • 2012-09-28 12:58
  • iIR0

tech question -is gross RAM 1GB enough for this sony T

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  • 2012-09-28 00:30
  • 3Jb7

> In reply to Tom @ 2012-09-26 07:24 from 0wQC - click to readYou should do some reading and then come back and post again. AMOLED/Galaxy S3 has the poorest display of the flagships right now, both in brightness, sunlight readability and color accuracy. In fact the colors are so much off that the word accuracy get a new meaning, S3 and colors is like firing a shotgun from close range and have all pellets missing the target. Except from that S3 is greatest.

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  • 2012-09-27 20:07
  • vaNH

> In reply to TanGenT LiN @ 2012-09-26 20:26 from RIIe - click to readlike your idea. same with me. smoothness/lag-less is depend on how good the OS deal with it's hardware. even dual core can have better smoothness than quad core. for example, nexus vs s3. i used xperia arc, nexus, s1, s3. i love how i can make that s1 faster than arc. i love nexus because it doesn't need tweak at all. very perfect between OS and phone. s3, good job samsung developer. finally.

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  • 2012-09-27 07:15
  • tu6$

> In reply to Tom @ 2012-09-26 07:24 from 0wQC - click to readDude, have you heard Bravia Engine? Watch videos on YouTube comparing Super AMOLED (S3), Super IPS (OneX) and Bravia Engine (Xperia S). If you still think Bravia Engine has poor quality display, somethings wrong with your eyes.
Poor viewing angles? Are you using your phone rotated 50 to 85 degrees most of the time? Even on one-on-one S3 vs Xperia S (not mentioning Xperia S only used 50% brightness while S3 used 100%, LOL) cant beat Bravia Engine, no reason to compare S3 to Xperia T. Not even close to Xperia V as it uses Bravia Engine 2! ;)

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  • 2012-09-27 05:04
  • v0qy

I don't used to compare this phone with others brand. If you are top 1 phone today maybe the next day wasn't. What we need is just a phone that doesn't lag and able to do tasks perfectly in our life. I don't think iPhone is the world best phone, iPhone good in spec? and why so many peoples buying?? The main reason is the design and cool functions and not the world top spec! Why you guys are comparing the brightness under the sunlight? anyone like to stand under the hot sun and using their phone? does the phone really can't display under sunlight?? or you guys need and quad core processor and nvdia GTX690 graphic in this phone for playing battlefield so we don't need a computer. this is the only phone Sony show to us that they put some effort on, a dual core can still do better than a quad cores processor. less processor less battery usage. Sony camera poor in quality? This link will help you Previously I'm using Xperia Arc S, If one of your friend using Samsung S3, tell them let have a test, you drop either 1 of your Xperia on the floor, and the other hand you drop the SGS3 on the floor, see which one win the test. That's my opinion on Sony phone. And this phone have a great and different design from others brand.

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  • 2012-09-26 20:26
  • RIIe

> In reply to Joe @ 2012-09-26 13:30 from mvmV - click to readWhat audio quality in s3. S3 is a bakvas phone man that is tucking chipset we cannot able to forward the video and it get struck when I forwarded u can compare s3 and xperia u that thime also xperia u only win

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  • 2012-09-26 19:57
  • U{VV

I love XPERIA t bcz it is sony product and its worth for money

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  • 2012-09-26 19:51
  • U{VV

More expensive than same-class rivals. Custom UI and icons are feature phone era, which is much uglier than Nexus' Gingerbread UI.

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  • 2012-09-26 17:32
  • P5pQ

Hate it when u biy an expensive phone and in the box is a lousy earphone. Cant they put a better earphone in the box

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  • 2012-09-26 16:22
  • LDQq

It is really good handset for 2012.

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  • 2012-09-26 14:51
  • uNVC

Best phone of 2012

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  • 2012-09-26 14:00
  • Mfxa

HTCOneS and SGS3 have good chipsets, good audio quality but Pentile screens. HTCOneX, LGO4X, and now SonyXperiaT have good chipsets, good screens but poor audio quality. Why can't there be a phone with all those three things??? Waiting for XperiaTX and XperiaV reviews but I'm not getting my hopes up. :(

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  • 2012-09-26 13:30
  • mvmV

Thanks, I found the conclusion said it all. When SG3 owners for example just talk about numbers, some users will find Sony phones appealing thanks to the built-in quality, design and interface. I hope Sony continue to improve in that direction.

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  • 2012-09-26 11:23
  • vDk}

Is there any way to post a youtube link? I've been trying for several minutes but my comment was not accepted because it was SPAM. :(

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  • 2012-09-26 11:20
  • v0qy

the quadrant,benchmark,... SCORES of "xperia t" in this review and review of optimus g are diffrent.WHY???????????????????????????

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  • 2012-09-26 10:17
  • gCkS

Poor quality display, poor quality camera. To be a flagship you have to either enter the AMOLED party or have a good quality IPS panel. SONY is continously delivering poor quality displays with their phones (poor viewing angles). As for the camera: this is a joke, 12MP camera - what for I'm asking? It would be better if Sony sticked to a good quality 8 MP sensor than providing a poor quality 12 MP like this one. Look at the samples.

Bottom line: this is no flagship. Sony has much to learn. And of course - as for the design - it would be to good if Sony didn't break something - like this SIM/SD cover.

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  • 2012-09-26 07:24
  • 0wQC

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-09-25 22:18 from mG@@ - click to readBoth T/TX run on SAME software 7.0.A.1.303_56_f100, but those initial amazing photos from ePrice (TX) ran on 7.0.A.1.234_56_f100. Weird!

808 vs Xperia T shootout:­623067855/


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  • 2012-09-26 00:34
  • 0T3P

Thanks for the reivew GSMARENA!
It's the first good one I have read about the phone.
It seems to be a great phone for the money in a month, when it drops some.
Isnt there a white one available? Black is so boring

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  • 2012-09-25 22:24
  • m{7T

> In reply to semo @ 2012-09-25 18:47 from s43{ - click to readThey have both the same sensors, only the Xperia TX runs a difference software.

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  • 2012-09-25 22:18
  • mG@@

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