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Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III: All rise

25 October 2012 | Read the review | Post your comment
Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III: All rise - read the full textWhen we review phones we try to put them in context, and tie everything up with a snapshot of the market and the closest alternatives. Now, we usually keep droids and iPhones separate because honestly they just don’t mix. But every now and then...


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galaxy S III software is freezing, unlike Iphone 5 the software is very good. That's why much better to use iphone.

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  • 2013-07-24 14:47
  • dZrB

iphone is bloody by their software and restriction and samsung s3 is great great greater then iphone 5... iphone 5 has just good design but overall samsung s3 is best smartphone and really cheap .. irally hate Iphone iphone is bloody phone.....

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  • 2013-07-23 17:06
  • KIIX

> In reply to tanveer @ 2013-07-01 07:13 from 7jVy - click to readI want to change my phone the contract is due now , I'm thinking of the I phone 5 or the samsung galaxy s III
what do you think.

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  • 2013-07-17 15:37
  • SgvH

gawd, so we are comparing a 'smart car' to a Ferrari now???

no, I dont hate apple, I will love it **when** it gets a 5 inch, 1920 x 1080 screen...

oh and just plug it into your pc, and use it just like you would a flash drive..

oh yeah, a friend give you a 32Gb memory card **full up* with 100's of videos.. what do you do to see them??? I just put it into my sdcard slot, 5 secs later I am laughing at them on my phone!! -

another friend says can I get a copy?? well it 100meg you know.. he says OK, my bluetooth is on, send it!! :)

when iphone has all that, everyone will love it.. :P

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  • 2013-07-17 14:09
  • 0pmT

Without jailbreak iPhone cannot:
1. Use Bluetooth sharing files with other devices.
2. Install new input app.
3. Change the theme for the phone.
4. Dynamic background live wallpaper.
5. Playing other media files format.

I do admit iPhone 5 is a beautiful sexy phone and iOS is good but not that perfect. It was beyond competitors by 5 years when it launched. But since Steve left us, the gap is getting smaller every time when the competitors come out a new product.

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  • 2013-07-13 04:57
  • uRFq

Really it's nice

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  • 2013-07-05 18:26
  • XuBE

> In reply to Suad.Vejseli @ 2013-06-19 16:06 from n4Wq - click to readGalaxy s2 goes to 4.1.2

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  • 2013-07-05 01:16
  • q83x

i think samsung wins
more in less money

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  • 2013-07-01 07:13
  • 7jVy

> In reply to Xhaz @ 2013-06-13 20:51 from fmR9 - click to readIt's because u can't afford a 5 simple

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  • 2013-06-30 13:32
  • utYW

Why are these phones compared together? The s3 hardware is far supeior to the Iphone 5, if we was to match a handset it would be more fair on apple to compare the Iphone 5 to a samsung s2 or s3 mini.

If you want a phone with functionality go for an S3

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  • 2013-06-19 17:20
  • Mx@E

Samsung Galaxy S Released June Year 2010 - 2.3 Gingerbread
Apple Iphone 4 Released June Year 2010 - Update To iOS 7

Samsung Galaxy S II Released April Year 2011 - Update 4.1.1
Apple Iphone 4S Released October 2011 - Update To iOS 7

Samsung Galaxy S III Released April Year 2012 - Update 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
Apple Iphone 5 Released September Year 2012 - Update To iOS 7

Samsung Galaxy S IV Released May 2013 - Update To Key Pie 5.0
New Apple Iphone Released August-September Year 2013 - No Update , iOS 7 In New Apple Iphone Released

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  • 2013-06-19 16:06
  • n4Wq

S3 is far better than an iphone 5

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  • 2013-06-13 20:51
  • fmR9

I like apple phones

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  • 2013-06-10 17:43
  • XuU$

> In reply to Common sense @ 2013-05-27 20:56 from 9xq9 - click to readThis so called well known fact that Iphones have always had poor reception issues does not seem to apply to the later model Iphones , there are very few complaints of issues with Iphone 5 compared to Galaxy S3 when you search online. I have owned both these phones but still prefer my HTC One X. Out of the three Iphone 5 would be my preference for making calls on as its call quality is better than Htc and reception is stronger than Galaxy S3.I am not sure why you put down the comments made by Dave when he has obviously tried both these phones on the same network and is speaking from his own experiences where you are stating that you never have and never will use an Iphone.I have owned many samsung phones including S2 and S3 and my only issue with them has been poor signal.Posting under the banner of common sense does not hide your bias against Iphones and does not seem very helpful to any one reading this forum hoping for some advice if trying to decide which one of these phones to purchase.

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  • 2013-05-30 08:12
  • uKck

> In reply to Common sense @ 2013-05-27 20:56 from 9xq9 - click to readI would like to add to these comments by saying that I moved into a new house recently and found I was getting very poor reception with my Samsung Galaxy S3. For two weeks I had to borrow my house mates Iphone 5 to make calls as his phone which is on the same network as mine has enough reception to make a call. I now have a land line for calling when at home so it does not worry me to much and I still prefer my Samsung but there is no doubt to me that the Iphone has better reception. It seems that Gsm Arena gave the Galaxy S3 a better rating for telephony based on the samsung having more features in this area , but I feel these features do not mean to much if you have a poor signal.To finish of I would like to say that my friends who have had many Iphones have all said that early models had reception issues but newer models have been very good in this area.

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  • 2013-05-29 04:29
  • uKYg

> In reply to Common sense @ 2013-05-27 20:56 from 9xq9 - click to readYou can go on many forums and find arguments to suit any point you are trying to make , but unless you have owned both these phones then you can not really compare. I have owned both galaxy s3 and iphone 5 and the iphone without a doubt has better reception. The galaxy s3 in some ways is better but when it comes to telephony the iphone is better. It is not that hard to find comments from people on the Internet who have had trouble with Samsung reception. Your comment that you never have and never will own an iphone just shows that your opinion is less valid than someone who has used both is not biased such as yourself.

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  • 2013-05-28 04:37
  • 7sHY

> In reply to Common sense @ 2013-05-27 20:56 from 9xq9 - click to readIf I have used both these phones with the same carrier then it does not matter who I am with . I am in Australia and am with Optus , 6 months ago I contacted their service department and was told that they had been receiving many complaints about galaxy s 3 reception issues. They were happy for me to upgrade for a free to the iPhone 5. I don't get perfect reception now but it's still a lot better than what I had with galaxy s3. Unlike you I am unbiased and don't care which phone I use , also unlike you I own both phones so am in better position to comment . Early model iPhones had reception problems but since the iPhone 4 they have been much better. A quick google search also shows how many people have had trouble with Samsung galaxy reception , I also can not find any connents about iPhone 5 reception being poor. What I question really is your intelligence.

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  • 2013-05-28 03:53
  • 7sHA

> In reply to Dave @ 2013-05-26 23:27 from w6m0 - click to readI don't think you've read the article in full.
These are GSM ARENA's ratings.
I have simply arranged them to be compared at a quick glance.
I personally own a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which has better specs than the S3 and in my opinion is far superior than the iPhone 5.
I have not owned any apple devices and im quite sure that i never will.
You state that you've had signal problems with 2 galaxy S3's, i havent seen any detailed information relating to that problem, you vaguely state that you've had reception issues in a lot of the places you go to, which country are you in ? which network is your phone working on ? these are very important details which directly impact the recpetion of a phone, yet you've neglected to mention these.
I have read the complaints from a lot of angry customers on Apples technical support site which contradicts your statements about the iPhone 5.
Its a well known fact that the iPhone's have always suffered from poor signal reception.
Therefore i question the credibility of your statements.

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  • 2013-05-27 20:56
  • 9xq9

"All rise" the greatest line on gsmarena

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  • 2013-05-27 12:02
  • ptPX

> In reply to Common sense @ 2013-05-24 21:30 from 9Ex3 - click to readHow are you rating them for telephony? I had two galaxy s3's that both had poor reception issues in a lot of the places I go to so I changed to Iphone 5 which is way better. I agree with some of your ratings but if you have owned both phones and use them a lot for making calls then you will know that the iphone is way ahead in this area.

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  • 2013-05-26 23:27
  • w6m0

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