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Motorola DROID RAZR HD review: Now in HD

02 November 2012 | Read the review | Post your comment
Motorola DROID RAZR HD review: Now in HD - read the full textRoughly a year after Motorola brought the RAZR franchise back to the masses, we have the second generation of the popular DROID on our hands. The Motorola DROID RAZR HD for Verizon Wireless comes to the market hot on the heels of its...


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Am very glad that am using Motorola doral araza and I like it very much

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  • 2014-11-10 10:13
  • fuvG

When is Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD going to be released in the uk?

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  • 2012-12-02 19:27
  • pUS9

I am proud that I have a Motorola!

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  • 2012-11-20 09:49
  • 0ZhB

Pl.learn more before giving expert opinions N misleading readers. THNX. Alam.

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  • 2012-11-19 10:48
  • uNVK

> In reply to saldi @ 2012-11-08 12:54 from SfVq - click to readAtrix was a pre-google phone and in their main market (USA) all atrix users received discount on new phone.

New models (since Google took over) has been promised Jellybean before next year. That means RAZR HD, M and i. Not sure about electrify as it's a carrier-specific phone. RAZR HD, M and Atrix HD are available with unloackable bootloader from Motorola's webstore. Developer editions.

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  • 2012-11-15 14:29
  • 5i4e

Where is the loudspeaker test?

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  • 2012-11-10 16:24
  • 0UuK

dont buy motorola if you dont want a phone without proper software support. google "atrix" and see yourself.

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  • 2012-11-08 12:54
  • SfVq

With Motorola pulled its Sales/Marketing out of HK, where can I get this phone or the newer RAZR HD for use with the local network providers in Hong Kong?

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  • 2012-11-07 09:55
  • Mf5u

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-11-03 07:17 from n3Em - click to readmotorola camera lens is like samsung and htc .
outdor my moto get very good picture like all other smartphone /

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  • 2012-11-06 07:00
  • a00E

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-11-03 07:17 from n3Em - click to readLook the full-res pictures man...

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  • 2012-11-05 19:22
  • LpIU

this phone is awsome .
thx moto for make this super smartphone.
thx gsmarena for review

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  • 2012-11-03 18:52
  • xL}e

> In reply to Droider @ 2012-11-02 18:56 from bJbn - click to readThat's because Motorola (now owned by Google) doesn't have a highly customized UI like Samsung, Sony or LG do. Actually this is almost Vanilla Android UI, only slight changes with some extra widgets and that's it. I also like this Android presentation much better than hevily customized UIs, it just feels more natural. I just compared my RAZR MAXX ICS with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Vanilla Android ICS) and the UIs looked almost the same; you get the same icons, homescreens and menus, except for the on-screen buttons on the Nexus and the proppietary Gallery and Music Player in the Motorola.

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  • 2012-11-03 08:58
  • LuNf

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-11-02 18:11 from LpIQ - click to readActually im pretty satisfied with the camera.In direct sunlight fotos came out with lot of detail and very nice colors,only in artificial light ptotos come a little washed out but this happens to every camera

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  • 2012-11-03 07:17
  • n3Em

good looking phone but without removeable battery its just no go for me... sammy all the way

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  • 2012-11-03 02:29
  • XMFH

I never like android , but the homescreen on this phone look more cooler than samsung universe.....sorry...galaxy

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  • 2012-11-02 18:56
  • bJbn

The camera ruined everything. :(

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  • 2012-11-02 18:11
  • LpIQ

> In reply to Shinigami @ 2012-11-02 12:31 from gGk0 - click to readthe average user can't distinguish between these things neither does it care...

I laugh at ppl when they keep fighting over ppi..
when even a 200+ ppi is enough

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  • 2012-11-02 17:56
  • 7q95

At least unless the software is effed up :-)

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  • 2012-11-02 17:38
  • 3ZH5

There are no pictures from the "Photo comparison tool". You said the camera was bad, to me it doesn't look that bad. At least significantly better than HTC One X (and in its case you said it was an ok camera, even though it wasn't).

Also, the dual core Krait is still almost on par with SGS3's Exynos, despite being dual core. It's not slow by any means, especially because of it's significantly higher single threaded performance it won't feel slower.

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  • 2012-11-02 17:35
  • 3ZH5

GSMARENA: what happened with the test with earphones attached? that's how it's used for listening music, and that's what distinguishes your reviews from others...

(you should test stand alone DAPs by the way)...

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  • 2012-11-02 16:48
  • L5Cr

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