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BlackBerry Z10 review: Swipe clean

15 February 2013 | Read the review | Post your comment
BlackBerry Z10 review: Swipe clean - read the full textThe BlackBerry Z10 heralds the rebirth of a fallen leader in the smartphone market. Its a clean break from the past with a big touchscreen and novel OS, but the same business mentality that made it the favorite of office dwellers around the world...


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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2013-02-16 20:42 from M7YA - click to readi can relate to that i've tried ios(3gs),WP7(lumia 800), Android(Xperia P) now my only with BB10 is the instagram,path and pinterest... :( i got so hooked with those sites even just instagram i would jump back to BB without hesitation.. i miss BMM nothing beats the simplicity of blackberry and convenience in messaging and email handling of blackberry i like the q 10's design as well but i like to try the Z10 for a change :)

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  • 2013-02-17 13:22
  • vaQx

The upcoming couple of months are perhaps one of the most important months for 4 top manufacturers who are about to release their best since their inception.
Sony- xperia Z
Samsung- galaxy s4
Htc- m7
Nokia- lumia 1000(lumia ddevice with 41mp rear snapper)
This actually shows that the top dogs are not at all secure, cz this smartphone competition has surpassed the level it cud've ever been.
What s2 did for samsung and iphone4 did for apple, any device with innovation and a different appeal is sure to succeed, what's important to see would be the extent.
We are sure to see a 4.7-4.8" 1080p blackberry device this year, as now they understand what consumers have become.
The competition is intense, and things have changed, for some even the basics, like blackberry :D

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  • 2013-02-17 07:38
  • 3sE3

oh well wellwell.... First of all i vud say this os is good, i tried this handset and i felt good, its better then android but i have a n9 as well and to me it seemed like its an updated version if meego. .well good thing is its better then android and ios. But only if b.b cud lower the price alittle, then its bad. Righh now games and app is where it lacks but again b.b store is expanding like windows 8. It was good to have 3 besg o.s... I have a lumia 620, my brother as a s3( he plannin to sell it, its a weired handset), and a n9. I sold my storm last year only. As i was bored vid b.b.( byt still its best for mails and same goes for windows). Frankly its good to see so ma ny gud options and not the same android stuff( its kind of boring and lame now). I would give it atry once i will manage some funds to buy it. . Yes the camera department is let down as compared to lumia 920. But it is as good as s3,s camera.. Anyways thas a personal choice whether to go wid this phone or not, but seriously if u have used n9 and know whats meego or maemo then you wont have any issues.....lets hope b.b ca do some wonders....

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  • 2013-02-17 06:48
  • rJAv

I have been testing the Z10 for the last 6 days, lucky to be one of the first ones as Dubai was one of the cities selected for the Z10 launch...
The OS is great, needs some time to et used to but is really nice to work with.
The hardware is where the weaknesses are showing, battery life is poor, really poor, and it seems like every morning, I need to reinstall the battery as my device is showing that it can not find SIM... I hope Blackberry will come up with an update soon as this is really dissapointing...

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  • 2013-02-17 06:40
  • 3J5F

why we should buy this one if the droids army has give us more than this...

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  • 2013-02-17 06:00
  • KxA{

This phone is gonna rock the markets for sure but bb os 10 as its new os it must advertise well enough for the sale proceedings and must try to make most of its phone as like the sgs3 did over its advertising.

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  • 2013-02-17 05:55
  • 3sE3

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2013-02-15 20:48 from Mfxa - click to readIt has private browsing, isn't that the same thing as private mode?

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  • 2013-02-17 02:38
  • qb0D

Still no FM Radio and Exchange Server.

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  • 2013-02-17 01:00
  • KigM

I've tried diffrent brands and diffrent models of phones for the past 10years. Changing phones every 1 to 3 months at least, and yet I always end up going back to getting a Blackberry phone. For some reason, it always felt like home with my Blackberry units, even after trying Iphones, androids, and nokia phones. There will always be haters around the corner (that goes the same with other brands), but I guess it's true, 'Once you go Blackberry, you can't go back!'. I'll be waiting for the Q10 to be released and i am seriously going to get one! ^_^

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  • 2013-02-16 20:42
  • M7YA

> In reply to lolinator @ 2013-02-16 05:33 from v0qu - click to readThere is nothing immediately wrong about being a hipster. Stop using that.

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  • 2013-02-16 18:19
  • j8LN

I've heard these new BB devices will support full flash. Does anyone know if it will continue support past the Sept2013 date when flash for mobile/non-x86 loses all official development?

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  • 2013-02-16 18:06
  • YbjT

> In reply to Levy @ 2013-02-16 07:44 from 4XVs - click to readYou forgot the /s apparently...

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  • 2013-02-16 15:26
  • spXg

Blackberry carry some sort of prestige, like Apple. I've heard friends boast about BBM and such, and they used to love the email functionality. Now every mobile has caught up with this.

As for SGS3 being a business alternative to the Blackberry...don't make me laugh. I've been in contact with a lot of companies this last year and not ONE of them use the SGS3, they all use iPhones.

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  • 2013-02-16 13:25
  • nGJ7

BB is very popular in my country. I have tried BBZ10. Yes, the new OS is faster. Like an iPhone that can BBM. But I am not happy with photo quality and battery life. The reviewer should provide comparison on battery life.

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  • 2013-02-16 13:18
  • 6$2V

"Another issue is
that quick toggles are only
accessible on the
homescreen, so you have
to get out of the current
app if you want to switch
Wi-Fi on, for example."

Hum, why not use two fingers swipes down for toggles controls and one finger swipe down for app options for example? This would solve the problem while still being easy and nice... It only took me few seconds to find that so why not BB engineers?

There is always something wrong no matter the brand/mobile OS you look at...
At that rate, I will never decide for what OS to go to replace my old Sonyericsson K800 :)...

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  • 2013-02-16 11:46
  • LgNr

I sense a BB phablet coming soon.
I wish for something small and simple actually. Like the BB pearl of old. But it seems the OS would be wasted pn such a device :(

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  • 2013-02-16 10:50
  • tDBQ

Nice! This is what I call the light at the end of the tunnel. As long as the company is dedicated and persevere, the results will definitely show for it. Though it's still a bit immature, but I believe things would only get better. Meego, on the other hand, could have been "The One", but Nokia had to screw that up so badly that they're now at the mercy of Microsoft.

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  • 2013-02-16 09:59
  • UGn{

It is really old the krait on Android but still the single core can run jellybean and quad cores are used for super phones because of full hd and super features of android and especially high enders, and and it is excellent that we get super batteries with quad cores and full hd at the same or less prices lol

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  • 2013-02-16 09:59
  • MDVw

Only 1 alarm? There's an annoyance right there. No good for separate weekend alarms. Surely not?

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  • 2013-02-16 09:12
  • PTdF

The Z10 is way superior to any of the flagships from Anrdiod, iPhone and Windows simply because it's integral to any business. It can maximize the synergy that exists between different business entities and, as such, promote growth. none of the other platforms offer that opportunity.

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  • 2013-02-16 07:44
  • 4XVs

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