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BenQ-Siemens E71, E81, SL91: First look

BenQ-Siemens E71, E81, SL91: First look - read the full textBenQ Mobile has just introduced three new models. E71 is a music phone with shiny casing, on which the finger prints are invisible; according to the manufacturer the E81 model offers a vintage performance in an extremely small phone; in the case of SL91, BenQ Mobile managed to combine an impressive design with lots of features, including 3G support and 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus.


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definitely agree with Gesh... all these fingerprint proof, round slider shape stuff are quite authentically original... functionality wise quite complete as well, definitely the best in class in terms of function/price ratio as typical siemens phones...

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  • 2006-08-09 15:13
  • Sae0

i think, E81 can be a hit maker, the design looks sleeks and tough, the other type are great too, they are look very siemens ya, without benQ.

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  • 2006-08-05 06:11
  • PFDU

Well first I'd like to say I don't agree with Jeff, because I think the designs are very original also the comment from gsmarena saying that it looks like a chocolate from LG I think it's got it's design from siemens's own original designed SL75 (the most beautifull slider until now)rather than the chocolate. Now about the phone itself I think it could possibly be the best slider from 2006, being the first slider with 3.2 mpxl+autofocus combined, and it looks beautifull and as I said earlier original^^. And that counts to for the E71 and E81 wich are both beautiful, These phones shurely have the potential to shake the ground of the industry, and making Benq-siemens an even bigger brand.:)

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  • 2006-07-28 01:30
  • mSj{

They all look like variations of the K500's design. Ugly interface too, imo. Am I the only one who thinks this Benq-Siemens collab. rips off SE's designs? First, the K750 (black casing, general "feel" of the keypad, camera shutter button on the side - which was forgivable, fine), and now this? Jeez.

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  • 2006-07-27 13:27
  • jt3N

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