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Apple iPhone 5s review: Step by step

27 September 2013 | Read the review | Post your comment
Apple iPhone 5s review: Step by step - read the full textIt’s that time of year again and Apple’s in the usual record-breaking mood at the box-office. This is an S year in the Cupertino calendar but different enough – it may be that two phones instead of one account for almost...


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Apple is good pruduct. I have galaxy note, sony z1, blackberry q5, and my opinion is depend on the choice and demand as each person has different taste and need. Every product has their style, which some people like, another don't like. Galaxy offer wide of choice but lack of update, blackberry stable of internet connection and office product, but lack of application store, iphone 5s offer good finishing but very pricely, the best offer come with sony as they offer 2 size phone z1 and z1 compact which updates until new 4.4 android and good camera. The choice return to the consumer.

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  • 2014-04-08 14:38
  • thtA

Awesome phone !! Love to handle this.. Less weight and more features :) And past two months I've using 5S the touch ID is not so good :-( Coz some times its saying error even I dint scratch anything in that sensor :-(

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  • 2014-04-08 05:49
  • U{8D

I am using 5S for more than a month and would not agree that the Touch ID is not used much, as mentioned in the Disadvantages of this phone. Its the best security ever, instead of typing security code or a pattern to unlock the phone. Just press the home button, and only you can do that too... It has never failed, even in any angle that you set your finger on... TOUCH ID is the best security till date for a phone... Simple and secure

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  • 2014-04-07 02:51
  • GQ2I

Apple need to do something . Not just Apple, every company including Samsung and HTC needs to do something. Sony has released Z1 Compact. Believe me, it is a dream phone for everyone. Wayyyyyy better than iPhone 5s if u ask me. My father owns a 5s and he says he does not need any other phone after 5s , but I am going to buy Z1 Compact. Btw, I had used HTC One Mini and currently using

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  • 2014-02-15 11:27
  • ITWQ

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2014-02-04 20:01 from TmCa - click to readLOL! The old never ending over hyped fanboy biased statement..."it just works". HAHAHA.
Come one. Guess what. Android just works too. This is reality!!! Lol. That pretend fanboy crap holds no ground here. Guess what else. Iphone lags at times too. It definitely has crashes too. Especially if you on a 4, 4S, even 5 and have IOS7.

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  • 2014-02-06 10:55
  • 4QSR

> In reply to Edgewood @ 2014-01-30 16:46 from M7nd - click to readOne world : reliability . They just work and Apple tests the shit out off their products to make sure they are perfect in their own sense. IPhones excel at the key tasks they are given and that it's the huge selling point. Also high resell value,customer service ,great app store make their pleace. Anybody saying that Apple is shit has obviously bit even touched an Apple product. They are probably prior with insecurities complex who need to insult others to gain confidence about their product choices and life. Yes Apple products cost you an arm and a leg but you will never be let down by them and what their purpose is. And this is coming from an avid android user . I hate the useless flame wars with the ingnorance way of thinking : your Apple product is shit because you are an idiot. Out even the contrary. I use Android more because it has matured so much wher lag is minor and doesn't really affect performance and you can do more things than you can on an IOS device. But that means you have to make everything yourself manually on the phone while IOS stands to the concept the device should work for you not you for the device. Everybody has its own preferences. I happen to use and love a lot of Google services which are also on IOS BUT Swype keyboard, widgets and superior customization compared to IOS are huge selling points to me.

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  • 2014-02-04 20:01
  • TmCa

> In reply to Edgewood @ 2014-01-30 16:46 from M7nd - click to readBecause they can get away with it. They are a greedy monopolistic company who can scam many people and schools of millions to billions of dollars and people think they are getting some unparalleled deal and willing go for it. They have a name that people hear and immediately think it means best. You are paying for Apple logo.

There is nothing in the Iphone that accounts for it costing the same as an Android flagship.

You had 3.5inch and now 4inch non HD screen while flagships offer 1080p 5inch screens. They have always had less memory and cores, tiny non removable batteries" even the Iphone 4 could've had a much higher capacity battery", less senors, and the os is just restricted...Not full of superior coding. It still crashes and lags sometimes. Just less because of restrictions...So it has a few less bugs...But as you see even Apple has been having to work tons of bugs and they only have to make it work on a couple restricted phones...That right there shows a huge reality.

Nothing at all accounts for their prices...And then macs....Even their software and updates cannot make up for the price...And macs are what scam so much money from schools and it's sad to see that happen.

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  • 2014-01-31 06:54
  • 4QSR

I'm going to read this article objectively get the full scope of the iPhone. I've been an Android user for over two years. There has been something that I need to know and was wondering if anybody on this site could answer this question: Why are Apple products expensive?

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  • 2014-01-30 16:46
  • M7nd

> In reply to MrMojo @ 2014-01-04 02:49 from sakh - click to readAll true...Except Android is indeed Stable. No OS is flawless.

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  • 2014-01-07 09:41
  • 4QSR

I adore Apple , but I always find that Apple like to choose the hard road to get to the top, I mean that although technology offers phones and the upgraded service from Apple , however, we must dispense with the use of Bluetooth with other devices as well as NFC, limitation is internal memory and also use iTunes to transfer files instead USB Mass Storage despite its ease, and also the inability to download and save from Safari and so much restrictions making it USELESS!! And most importantly, is the fragility of the outer surface, which has a simpler irresistible shocks resulting from the fall .. Despite the cost price, Apple is charging more and delivering less.

I think that Apple won't find it so difficult to integrate and provide such services very simple while protecting the privacy of its users and protection of the iOS, in addition; iOS is still a very closed system that also relies heavily on iTunes with no ability to transfer file/data from the device back to the PC and more than 1 PC which is very important.

It is very important to focus on serving the AppStore for amounts more competitive with other OSs, and I think they need to work more on Battery's capacity, life and performance.

I've the iPhone 4S & Galaxy S4, I've experimented Model Newest and also other OS as Android, Smartphone, Windows Mobile and I hope to find a lot of advantages in which Apple, and eager to buy the latest coming model, with a lot of wonderful and extraordinary specifications that are beyond expectations.

We indeed need to be more surprised before it would become as in TOTALLY NOTHING SPECIAL but LOOKS and BRAND !!
And for now.. I'll still preferring my Android.

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  • 2014-01-07 00:34
  • 0EB1

I love iphone's delicate, compact and smooth....i love the design...but i want i phone to make it bigger...If u dont believe, u can produce CONCEPT I PHONE with 5.0 inches.. I m sure that people will love that. ..please make it bigger...thanks for your appreciation. ..:) LONG LIVE THE APPLE...

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  • 2014-01-04 08:44
  • PScY

> In reply to Troll WarLord @ 2013-11-03 15:18 from t7Jc - click to readI still have the SE W995i and the photo quality is NOT very good especially in Low light conditions.

It was a phone for a different group of users and not comparable to a smartphone like the iPhone 5s.

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  • 2014-01-04 03:08
  • sakh

"The bottom line is Apple is charging more and delivering less: a smaller screen, lower resolution, less storage."

Basically THIS!

The current iPhone 5s is basically STILL overpriced for what's given to consumers.

Also add that iOS is still a closed system that also relies heavily on iTunes. At least add the ability to transfer file FROM the device back to the PC and, very importantly, let owners sync the iPhone to MORE THAN 1 PC!

It's Frigging BS that Apple ONLY allows the iPhone to be synced to 1 PC without a full reinstallation of iOS which wipes the iPhone's contents off!!!

Apple will eventually lose customers, which it has, as its market share of iPhones sold has decreased due to Android and other handsets that uses it. The market share would be more dramatic if Android's OS was more stable as it still unstable esp. when different manufacturers keep tweaking it for their own devices. Sounds like Microsoft's Windows OS and its instability and compatibility issues!

Still, the iPhone 5s is a decent device though it should've been the iPhone 6 with a bigger screen and better battery life, considering the freaking high price one pays for the device >:(

For 2014, it's really not worth buying the iPhone 5c/s if you've never owned one before. It's good for those existing iPhone users (iPhone 3/4 users) who want to continue or to stay with the iPhone, even for a short time, until the next better smartphone is released.

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  • 2014-01-04 02:49
  • sakh

> In reply to ilexington @ 2013-12-26 18:31 from NugV - click to readThat's part of the problem. Most of the hard work is not Apple's. They are some of the biggest thieving, scam artist, copy cat companies out there.
They stole the design, they copy/take patents/ideas, they stole the names iphone and ipad, they copy architectures then try and say they own everything. Try and sue over the most ridiculous things and use photo shopped evidence. Steve jobs was a horrible person. Openly crude and admits to steeling. Left his own daughter to live on welfare and would not claim her while he himself was a billionair.
Worth it? Put mid range specs in a tiny fragile package, steel a bunch of ideas, restrict a system as much as possible so it is featureless creating a failed ILLUSION of perfection calling it "Supremely optimized"...That's the truth behind IOS being so well developed of a system...Then saying it's only what's needed, calling it premium, original, unique, and pricing it out outrageously....
Then everyone buys it, thinks all that bs is true, and naively defend it to the death....
It's the entire eco systemt that sucks. The horrible company, the tyranic founder, the hive like system that tells you what you are and are not allowed to do..When it should be you dictating what your device does, and the endless fans that so naively believe it all blindly missing the truth and the big picture and then making up the most exaggerated lies about everything else...
Not that the Iphone itself is bad. It just offers nothing you cannot get more personalized and at better prices. Or at least if you are paying the same price you get your monies worth out of what you payed for.
Just because you are ok with being scammed, restricted, and having all the features taken from you does not mean everyone is or that it is an ok thing to do.

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  • 2013-12-28 12:15
  • 4QSR

Honestly, I don't get the down rating remarks about Apple and it's it that we don't know how apple makes their products? Or is apple supposed to do things because samsung and the rest are doing their mini tv phone screens as displays? If you are not cool with apple devices, then go for another. You shouldn't castigate them. Samsung has its vision, apple has its vision. If the 4 inch is too small for you, then please go for another phone. Don't rubbish the hardwork and dedication of some hard thinkers and people who are spending time bringing out products that make peoples lives easy.
Now, on d everyday users, the user likes his iPhone because it has great camera, who cares about how many pixels per inch are in it, as long as it is good pictures, cool! The iPhone has a premium feel, Samsung has its own, same with HTC; but in the end, it all boils down to customer choice.
I am so comfy with no memory storage, and I like the strictness of adding files to your phone that the iOS offers. But in the end it's my choice. Expensive? The iPhone is worth it.
Don't be surprised some of the things you may claim to need on a phone in everyday life, u don't necessarily need it.

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  • 2013-12-26 18:31
  • NugV

> In reply to phone vs tablet @ 2013-10-08 10:19 from MjEQ - click to read5" is NOT a tablet.

Anything above 5" is tablet or in this case phablet size, but I see the point you and the other poster is getting at.

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  • 2013-12-17 19:26
  • M7nd

Has Apple reached the glass ceiling in terms of hardware and exterior design for the iPhone? No doubt, there will be an iPhone 6, but how far will the company go with this device?

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  • 2013-12-17 17:09
  • M7nd

I don't know what grudge the GSMArena people have with Apple. Its laughable every time they ask for more screen resolution. Really I can't understand what they are up to.
The current screen resolution is very fine but let's assume for GSMArena sake Apple increases the resolution but what 'd be the trade off. Fragmentation. Another screen size for developers.
Another grudging argument that Apple is charging more and delivering less.
I only can laugh on this absurd view. I think they need to read Adam Smith(Economist). They 'd understand the very concepts of free economy. Their argument is like why Gucci or Versace or Lamborghini charges more. Apple can sell ship load of iDevices(how many they can make) at this exorbitant price clearly nullifies their argument. It's the market who decide the price. If Apple couldn't sell at these prices than definitely they'll revise their price structure. But just put yourself in the shoes of Apple. Why'd you lower the price when every year you can set a new record of sales. Business and Charity are entirely two different things but most people don't understand this.

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  • 2013-12-11 15:15
  • 0BsX

wow 5s is just awesome,the screen should be 4inches for a mobile pone,,or its ok if its 4.3,,bt iphone 5s is just the dream phone for many.way to go apple

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  • 2013-12-07 16:48
  • w9Lr

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