2 Pac: Changes v1.0

You can use these key strokes to enter the rigntone in your ringtone composer. For more info, please read your phone's user manual.

A2(1/16) H2(1/16) C3(1/8) p(1/4) H2(1/8) p(1/4) A2(1/8) p(1/16) G2(1/8) E2(1/8) p(1/16) D2(1/8) p(1/8) p(1/16) D2(1/16) p(1/8) G2(1/8) p(1/8) p(1/16) Fis2(1/8) p(1/16) E2(1/8) p(1/16) D2(1/8) E2(1/8)
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