Samsung, Apple to use wireless charging on their phones?

08 March, 2013 | Comments (86) | Post your comment

Wireless charging tech has been around for a few years now, but 2013 might be the year it finally goes mainstream. Industry sources say that Samsung and Apple are both working on wireless charging for their 2013 flagships smartphones.

Samsung is reportedly looking at Qi from the Wireless Power Consortium – it’s currently the most popular choice with members including Nokia, LG, HTC, Sony and Motorola. It’s worth noting that Samsung is currently a member of a competing standard run by the Alliance for Wireless Power (along with Qualcomm, TI, Broadcom and others).

Whichever standard it goes for, Samsung may not integrate the tech right into the Galaxy S IV, but put it in an optional back cover instead (like the Nokia Lumia 820). There are currently third-party Qi charging kits for the Galaxy S III as well, but not an official Samsung-made accessory.

Apple is also looking into enabling wireless charging on its products, but the company will reportedly go for a homegrown solution, which won’t be out of character for the Cupertino giant. According to insiders Apple is also investigating an implementation og the tech as an add-on rather than build it into the iPhone 5S.

In less than a week we’ll know if Samsung has put wireless charging tech in the Galaxy S IV and what kind. Apple’s announcement won’t be for some time, though.





Samsung, Apple to use wireless charging on their phones? - reader comments

  • Premium OS

Love my Lumia 820. It's already Time-Travelling. Samsung is in Present, Apple is in Past (still thinks that features like Panorama are magical and worth the 50K Pricing!), Nokia is already in Future ;) Wireless Charging Rox!! Apple is a Joke and...

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  • 2013-04-16 12:21
  • 2F6F
  • A-man

Unless they increase the range of wireless charging to at least 10 meters, it's useless for me. What's the point if you can use your phone while it's charging wirelessly?

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  • 2013-03-12 14:04
  • 9AZC
  • Anonymous

Nokia Lumia 920 already has wireless charging

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  • 2013-03-11 22:39
  • Iud7