MWC 2012: Samsung overview

GSMArena team, 27 February 2012.
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Samsung Galaxy Beam hands-on

The Samsung Galaxy Beam is the thinnest portable projector phone, Samsung claim, and they just might be right - it's 12.5mm thick at its slimmest point and bulges where the projector is. It's a bit chunky.

Samsung Galaxy Beam hands-on photos

The optimal distance for the projector is 2 meters and in a dark room the quality is actually pretty good. The beamed image has nHD resolution (640x360). The Galaxy Beam is expected to have 3 hours of battery backup in projection mode.

Using the projector

There are a couple of features that weren't working in the demo unit - you'll be able to focus the projector lens with an app (currently, this is done with the volume rocker and isn't very user-friendly) and the projected image will be autorotated just like the screen.

Here's a hands-on video with the Galaxy Beam:

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