Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S) coming to AT&T on 18 July

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Here's they come, the Galaxy S phones. AT&T just announced pricing and target availability for their version, the Samsung i897 Captivate, and it will beat the T-Mobile version by a few days and will probably become the first Galaxy S to hit the US.

The Samsung i897 Captivate is going on sale next Sunday, July 18 and it will cost 199.99 US dollars on a two year contract. Looks aside, the Captivate is an exact duplicate of the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S (with AT&T 3G bands of course).

Samsung Captivate Samsung Captivate Samsung Captivate Samsung Captivate
Samsugn i897 Captivate for AT&T

To summarize the specs, the Android-running Samsung Captivate has a 4" WVGA SuperAMOLED touchscreen, 1GHz CPU and 5MP camera with 720p video recording.

The T-Mobile Galaxy S phone, the Samsung Vibrant is coming a few days later - July 21, again for 199.99 US dollars. And CDMA carriers are getting a Galaxy S too (like the Sprint Epic 4G which has a hardware QWERTY), though we don't have the availability dates yet.





Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S) coming to AT&T on 18 July - reader comments

  • Anonymous

No front facing camera because the networks in the states cant handle video calls. Its one reason I believe the iphone4 only allows video chat over wifi, they didnt want to call out AT&T and make them look bad so they said its only wifi at first(...

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  • 2010-07-09 21:58
  • 3EYj
  • Basil

Just curious... I've long avoided facebook, don't know my way around. Where did you find this bit of information?

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  • 2010-07-09 21:31
  • Lvny
  • Basil

Darn good deal!

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  • Lvny