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The ringtones supported are MP3 and 40-channel polyphonic melodies; vibration is available. Samsung, however is continuing to ignore the function of ringtone profiles. The phone alerts work in two modes - you may switch from one to another trough the navigation key - loud style or silent and vibe. You may differentiate single calling persons or their groups by specific ringtones, and also assign to them personal images or pictures.

Phonebook search inserting/editing contacts contact details

You may insert up to 1000 contacts in the internal multi-item list (11 items to every contact). The phone shows the internal phonebook together with the one on the SIM; you may search items by writing the letters of the searched contact one by one. The search is speed is good even when working with many contacts.

You may send a message directly from the phonebook calls list

Messages in all directions

Samsung D600 works with text messages, of course. Up to 200 messages can be stored in the memory. Delivery reports are available; even the countdown of characters doesn't surprise. Available is also information about the number of messages with common size, necessary for sending of one long message, which may consist of 12 pieces.

MMS are just obligatory for photo mobiles of the highest class. MMS Editor is well-arranged and in most cases is similar to the one we know from the background of the personal computers. The editor literally will bring you to the composition of the messages in one unit, which you then may send or store in the internal shared memory. The maximum size of one MMS is 300 KB.

Message menu writing text messages MMS messages creation

The email client in Samsung D600 is good. You may work with email trough five accounts, protocols POP3 and IMAP are at disposal. They however don't provide the necessary level of security, required nowadays; that's why I was excited about the protected SecureIMAP protocol, without it I couldn't enter my mailbox via the phone. The phone can show directly many types of attachments. You may open directly in the phone pictures, DOC files, XLS and others supported by PicSel browser. There are no problems with the classic ISO-8859-2 and UTF8. There is an integrated anti spam filter (it functions only in the principle of black list and white list); relatively surprising are the restrictions of the message to the poor 200 KB. So, you don't have a chance to send a picture with 2 megapixel resolution.

Two megapixel portrait

You may read a full and detailed review of the Samsung D600 camera camera in a separate article, which is focused not only on the picture quality, but on their creation and possibilities of modification. Here we propose some sample pictures.

Samsung D600 Samsung D600 Samsung D600
Samsung D600 Samsung D600 Samsung D600
Samsung D600 Samsung D600 Samsung D600
Samsung D600 Samsung D600 Samsung D600

The biggest display in the world?

The option for connection of a mobile phone to a TV is really a service with added value. In the box, together with Samsung D600 is delivered a classic composition video cable (pity that the manufacturer doesn't add at least a reduction for S-Video) which consists also of stereophonic sound unit, brought into a pair of separate connectors cinch type. After connecting the phone to the TV everything on the phone display disappears and everything that you have seen on it is now displaying on the TV screen. You'll see also the phone menu and background in an unpleasantly deep blue field. The phone works with PAL and NTSC, you may switch between them in the menu. You may project pictures and video sequences on the screen and listen to music files, too.

Samsung D600
In addition to the USB cable you'll obtain also a cable for TV connection

Picture quality is not bad and much depends on the TV used. That's why on a common TV with no big diagonals (approximately up to 50 cm.) the picture is relatively good, but the quality falls with the increase of the diagonals; on a plasma Hyundai HTP-4205 with diagonals 105 cm... you don't want to know. This, however is not a phone defect, but of the used output, because technically the composition cable just can't provide a quality signal. Why the manufacturer didn't use a component S-Video cable?

The composition video signal is a transport method in which the whole video signal is transported by one canal, therefore by one cable. It pipes the brightness and chrominance signal together in one "package". It is obvious therefore, that such a common transfer of the two signals cannot provide high quality picture, because of the follow-up signal decoding of the video card.

The component S Video signal is of higher quality. This method transfers one brightness and two chrominance signals, in separate cables. The picture decoded in such way is high grade; it is required particular by high quality TVs for quality picture display. Not all video recorders and video cards, however have S Video output.

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