Samsung D600 review: Black star

Roman Krejča, 08 November 2005. Read the original review at
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Data with lightning speed

The fast data transfers with the use of 10 class for GPRS and EDGE (D600E only!) doesn't make any problems. When we decided to connect the phone to PC we had to download from the Samsung web site the service program Samsung PC Studio 3, which replaces Easy Studio 2 application designed for the older D500 model. It's a pity that a software CD is not a part of the selling package; therefore, you'll need a fast internet connection to download the new program in order to connect the phone to your PC. The whole package is about 50MB, which is less than half of the size of the older Easy Studio 2.

We have used the wireless Bluetooth for connection with PC. It worked as good as a connection via the included USB cable. The connection was stable all the time and didn't disconnect not even once (about 30 minutes connection). You may start a new connection in the application under the item Networking Wizard.

In case you find yourself in an area with EDGE coverage, Samsung will inform you of this by displaying a small icon with letter E in the upper status line. In case of no luck you will be referred just to GPRS. The icon is red and becomes grey once you launch the data transfers. The speed of the internet connection is moving in the sphere of EDGE coverage with 140 to 165 kb/s for data download; the upload speed is about 40 kb/s.

Samsung PC Studio application and connection establishment with the phone

Samsung PC Studio consists of separate components and does not serve only for connection to internet. We talk about a complete, stable and graphically well designed package. Let's present it briefly:

  • Phone editor an application, which serves for full-value editing of the internal phonebook and the phonebook on the SIM card. Allows editing of all items in the phonebook and main operations with separate items.

    Phone editor
  • Message manager comfortable text messages manager, which in look and feel reminds of the Mozilla Thunderbird email client. You may browse messages in separate folders; you may answer the messages directly from the PC or send them forward to other recipients.

    Message manager
  • Phone explorer an application for viewing the internal phone memory and the content of the memory card. You may copy files between the phone and your PC.

    Phone explorer
  • PC sync a full-value synchronization with MS Outlook, Outlook Express (respectively with the built-in Windows directory). The synchronization works well, and you may set up an individual database of the Exchange server, basic solutions of eventual problems, too.

    Synchronization settings

  • Photo album an application for editing of photos and pictures.
  • Movie editor it is an offline template program, which was a big surprise for me. With mild exaggeration we may put it next to Pinnacle Studio 8; you may cut video clips, incl. sound tracks, which you may export to the format, supported by the phone.
  • Sound Editor enables work with sound tracks and pieces, carrying out their arrangement and export to the formats supported.

Time organization and other functions

Besides the mentioned main functions of the phone you will find also many other applications and standard functions, which we now list:

Calendar - offers daily, weekly and monthly view; synchronization with PC is possible. There is an option to set repeated events, too.

Monthly, weekly and daily view of the calendar

Voice recorder can record (according to the setting) up to the maximum allowed size for MMS sending or limited only by the available memory. There is an option to set the visualization, indicating the record in progress.

Image Editor enables main operations with images and pictures, mode change, for example (black and white, negative, sepia and so on), adjustment of the exposure (brightness, color, contrast), rotation, flip and so on.

Java by default the phone contains three games, with an option to install other games and applications via WAP browser.

Screenshots from the games proposed

World time enables you to follow the actual time in two preset world capitals.

Alarm it's repeated, in fact there are three alarm clocks, one of them with snooze function. There is an option to set days in the week in which the alarm should be active.

Calculator relatively simple without memory, very well designed graphically, respects the precedence of mathematical operations.

Currency converter works with the main currency units.

Countdown Timer a common timer, which can help in the preparation of boiled eggs or good tea, for example.

Stopwatch displays the elapsed time with hundredths and contains five counters.

A shiny star is raising

Samsung D600 is a high quality phone full of features. The price is not the lowest one, but it is reasonable with regard to the capabilities and performance of the phone. The biggest competitors will be Sony Ericsson K750 or Nokia 6230i - also high quality, well featured and currently cheaper. Be careful when you get Samsung D600 in your hands - you may fall in love with it and this is hard to resist.

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