Galaxy S4 to help Samsung double its market share lead

21 March, 2013 | Comments (89) | Post your comment

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Samsung is looking to take an even larger lead over the competition this year, thanks largely to its new Galaxy S4 flagship.

In 2011, just two short years ago, Nokia was the top dog in terms of phones sold, holding some 30% of the market. Then Samsung, which rides the Android wave better than anyone else, took center, rising to 29% in just one year, with most of that market share being taken straight from Nokia.

Market research firm IHS iSuppli has predicted that Samsung will double its lead in 2013 - in other words it will lead the next largest OEM by 11 percent points rather than 5. Although it did not care to predict exactly how much of the market Samsung will control in 2013, it did say that thanks to its "massive worldwide rollout through almost every operator, the lifestyle focus of the S4 will help drive Samsung’s market share sharply in 2013."

Given how well the Samsung Galaxy S4 looked in our preview, it's not hard to envision another great year for Samsung.





Galaxy S4 to help Samsung double its market share lead - reader comments

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And i am rating your comment 1/10

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It's not made of plastic and besides everyone uses different casings made of plastic or rubber so what's the point in buying a phone made of glass when you have to cover it at all times. Most of the people arguing over here might not even buy any pho...

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  • 2013-03-25 08:25
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Samsung great products period they market well other companies fail on getting there products known I reseach everything well plus I have used a lot of highend smartphones note 2 tops all smartphones used by me note 3 will more then likely kill the o...

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