Samsung fined $340k in Taiwan over HTC smear campaign

24 October, 2013 | Comments (139) | Post your comment

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Earlier this year Samsung was found to be associated with two PR agencies in Taiwan, which were paying some guys to besmirching HTC's reputation while praising Samsung products on local online forums.

The Taiwanese Fair Trade Commission started an investigation into the matter and has now come forward with three separate fines regarding the incident.

Samsung's Taiwan business is to pay a NT$10 million penalty (around $340,000), while OpenTide Taiwan Co. and Sales and Profit International Co. were fined NT$3 million (around $102,000) and NT$50,000 (around $1700) respectively.

The FTC views purposefully misleading information and deliberate ii-speaking about competitors an unfair business.

Earlier this year Samsung was fined by the same FTC NT$300,000 (around $10,000) for a misleading ad about the camera of the Samsung Galaxy Y Duous GT-S6102.

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Samsung fined $340k in Taiwan over HTC smear campaign - reader comments

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Nice try. Repeating what you just did which I just pointed out. You sat on a page on a topic and continually and bashed in a biased manor. All the while claiming nobody had links to back up their claims....Cause you worked ever so hard to sit on a ...

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And again. Lying and manipulating the actual facts. Truth hurts huh? You cried about facts and someone actually posted them. They there are and now with them present you are going to try and switch everything around. Sad part is t...

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