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> In reply to kyla1800 @ 2014-11-17 00:57 from GAYH - click to readyou have to turn the wifi on or be in a hotspot area :D jsut kidding! mine works great and i live in the middle of no-where, literally. Everyone above here sounds like they live in a disposable world. If you treat this phone well it works great and the battery lasts me about 8 hours straight of talk time which is better than any i phone or galaxy s5. You cant be picky for $60. bucks! Without calls the battery lasts for days on the correct settings!

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  • 2015-02-05 21:18
  • MiAL
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I love this phone, it has the slide out keyboard which makes typing 4x the speed of thumbing each key that you usually miss! It has everything any other new smartphone has. The camera works great for only 3.0MP. The display is a good size at 3.2", i wish it was better but still able to keep it in my pocket unlike a huge i-phone or galaxy S5. For $60. you can't get a better Android phone! Best part is its pretty durable. I do have slide complications using keyboard but that is due to me constantly testing its durability!This is the phone you want for a first smart phone. Thanks Galaxy Appeal!

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  • 2015-02-05 21:12
  • MiAL
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  • sam sung a sad song
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This is the worst piece of junk I ever owned. It was been in for repairs four times in one year. The PBA was replaced twice. Samsung returned the phone to me with two different IMEI numbers. The battery life is totally unacceptable.
Samsung customer service and quality control sinks. My friend owned a Samsung refrigerator, she eventually sold it as scrap. I will never buy a Samsung product again.

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  • 2015-02-05 00:00
  • YYfn
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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2012-09-27 20:28 from KI6} - click to readHave had this phone for a year. Pretty basic if that's all you need, but you really can't ask for more for the price you' re paying. ( Its now down to $60 on some sites.)
I have not had any serious issues, but I think it could be a little bit more user friendly.

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  • 2015-01-01 06:34
  • PuJp
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Worst phone I've ever had!! The battery won't even stay in! I have to turn phone off & reinsert the battery every day & sometimes several times a day! I tell everybody I can toNOT but this phone! It does suck!!!!

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  • 2014-12-15 20:19
  • FKx9
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> In reply to kyla1800 @ 2014-11-17 00:57 from GAYH - click to readi do agree with you

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  • 2014-12-03 12:37
  • fsWX
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First of all let me be quick to point it out that this phone has 1GB internal storage not 4GB! also, the wifi hotspot doesnt work, it freezes haphazardly, it has no flashlight, no radio, google playbook doesnt work and finally an abysmally low battery life!!! this phone sucks!!!!!

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  • 2014-12-03 12:35
  • fsWX
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First of all, let me be quick to point it out that this phone has only 1GB internal storage not 4GB! also the wifi hotspot doesnt work, it freezes haphazardly, google playbook doesnt work, no radio, no flashlight, it sucks!!! it really sucks!!

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  • 2014-12-03 12:28
  • fsWX
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The phone is good for smartphone starters good wifi and 3g also the phone is very durable on front face drops it survived my 16 drops the specs arnt great but got asphalt 8 running 25fps on lowest settings with root tweaks and overclock

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  • 2014-11-19 15:36
  • J1B6
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This phone sucks.
1. Slow.
2. Horrible Battery Life.
3. Wifi sucks.
4. It doesn't let you connect to the Portable Wifi Hotspot.
5. Camera has bad quality.

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  • 2014-11-17 00:57
  • GAYH
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I have been using my unit for over a year now, but last week, suddenly its operation stopped; brought unit to the nearest shop where they handed the verdict that the unit has to be re-programmed. Since my unit came from San Diego, CA, and nothing of its model came to the Philippines, no program for it is locally available. How do I solve this problem please? Could somebody come up with a good and viable suggestion, please? Thanks so much and God bless!

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  • 2014-05-24 09:03
  • K7g0
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my cord has spoilt for about a year now due to that the screen is off,where can i get some to buy so that it will be fixed for me because most of my document are on it too. or if possible they should send some to Ghana because most people are complaining about it.

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  • 2014-03-18 16:55
  • Sc30
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I bought this phone over a year ago from Target as an AT&T PAYGO. I originally had a Nokia unlocked from the UK (been thru tons of sims from different countries & carriers). Only reason for switching is the charger port broke and I got tired of switching out batteries. Figured why not try a smartphone.
From my experience, PAYGO plans don't play well with smartphones. That said, I'll say that this being my first-time with any type of smartphone, the Appeal I827 is amazing. Took my old full-size SIM, upgraded to 32-gb, turned-off the various apps I don't use and don't want accessing the Net (drain on money). I've had a couple days of 7-hr battery drain, otherwise, I can go a few days w/o a charge. My usual is 2-charges per week. Then again, I have a lot of apps & Net access turned off.
Even though I work as a geek, my fumble fingers don't do well with the touch-screen keyboard. I've found the slide-out to be much better and not as sensitive, thus, I can "slide" my fingers across w/o having the wrong letters entered.
At first, I had an issue using Kies but it was my PC. Having a new one, Kies is great for doing the things I do and need, i.e., contact updates, photo downloading/uploading, any other updates.
My wife finally replaced her old Motorola Razr V3 (yes, UK-bought and 7-yrs old) since the bands between the US & UK are phasing out, well, at least, not working as well. She bought a Lumia 521 as a PAYGO. She's learning, but in comparison, I'll stick with the i827. The Lumia, being a newer Windows phone, is more icon-driven. I like the i827 (and OS) since it has both icon & text.
Overall, I'll stick with this phone for a long time. May be only 3G but it does everything I need, and, has been a great introduction to the smartphone world.

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  • 2013-10-25 18:16
  • bYDH
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> In reply to bukicks @ 2013-09-03 17:45 from kABu - click to readYes, you can buy unlock code at ebay with very easy instructions to follow. Yes you an use your wifi even if it's not unlocked

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  • 2013-09-17 23:34
  • E0dW
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Any body knows if i able to unlocked this phone and use my t-mobile sim, can i have an access in wifi? Anybody knows? Thanks.,,

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  • 2013-09-03 17:45
  • kABu
  • Q

At first this phone really...sucked. It had a lot of pre-installed apps that I couldn't remove do to no root access. On certain days a fully charged battery would die after about 7 hours, probably because of one or more of the pre-installed apps. I finally found a method to root the phone on androidarea51.

Using superuser & App Quarantine I was able to Quarantine a bunch of apps. Now the battery last a good long while. (more than 24hrs with mild use)
Here's the list of crap I quarantined.
•AT&T Hot Spots
•AT&T navigator
•AT&T Social Net
•AT&T Software Update
•Blue Sea
•City ID
•Google Play Books
•Kies air
•Live TV
•Maps (use NavFree)
•News & Weather
•Quickoffic, inc
•Samsung Push Service* (not rooted)
•SNSAccountFb (Facebook)
•SNSAccountTw (Twitter)
•Social Hub
•Social Hub (twice for some reason)
•Street View* (not rooted)
•Wacky clocks
•Yahoo! Finance
•Yahoo! News
After removing all that it seems to preform better as well.

This was a $89 refurbished smartphone which isn't bad at that price but if I hadn't rooted it the battery drain issue would have rendered this phone nearly useless.

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  • 2013-07-11 23:20
  • ICq6
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For the price, this phone exceeds most, if not all, of the competition--a smart phone with a slide-out QWERTY for $100 is hard to come by. For those of you who always complain about the "little things" the phone lacks (i.e. a flashlight?!@#$*), just dish out a few hundred bucks and have every feature you want. Otherwise, buy a flashlight and shut-up.

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  • 2013-05-11 20:25
  • 0dIg
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How is this a phone that can use Adobe Flash (SO VERY RARE), has Graphic Card, Great CPU, but no LED Flash in which one can leave without.

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  • 2013-04-14 16:25
  • NCaP
  • F

I don't know who makes a Phone which can use Adobe Flash (So Rare), has a Graphic Card, Great CPU and not think to add LED Flash. Other that this a Better ZTE N762.

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  • 2013-04-14 16:22
  • NCaP
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Its cool but it does not have a flash light,
and a radio and the OS is also not upgradable,
does not support Bluetooth headset.

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  • 2013-04-11 19:52
  • fmge
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