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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2015-01-29 11:26 from n5px - click to readI just came across that BS that you wrote I and I want to set the record straight. So people do not rely on such a biased opinion as you just gave here. I am Chris, the Guy that u "mentioned" and that runs the youtube channel “allabouthegalaxybeam” so lets get right down to it:

You claim that so many people are complaining about GPS. Let me give you some proof that GPS works. It locks my signal in around 30-40 seconds. Seems like I am a magician. I use the G3858ZMUANI1 baseband version and I have another gps.conf file than some others have. So the problem is not hardware based, otherwise it wouldn´t work at all for me and many other people. I did 2 GPS lock attempts in the video and I live on a tiny island with no proper GPS coverage. Furthermore I did a post on my fb page to find out why for some people it doesn’t work. I suggest you to provide some info there, rather than complaining here that nothing works at all.

I don´t know what apps ur using on your phone but if you have millions of apps running in the background its normal that the performance cannot be that good. People told me that their Samsung Galaxy S5 was running slow. And that’s a high- end smartphone. You can have the best phone ever but if you install a lot of crap on it, it´s obvious that it will not work well. Especially the facebook app that can take 70% out of your phones performance, launchers, antivirus&firewalls apps. I guess u run all of them at once and u expect them all to run without issues. Lol. I played GTA San Andreas on the projector on the PS3 Gamepad and had no issues And that is a BIG performance killer already. But it runs fine if you keep the phone cool.

You claim that you need to live in a dark dungeon and that it has to be totally dark to the Beam 2 projector. I think your eyes are not working correctly because when I filmed the video here the projection size had a 70 inch and my surrounding doesn´t look like a dungeon now does it? I don´t know what phone u claim u have, but it can´t be the beam 2.

I see you don´t have a slight clue about cyanogenmod or custom roms. The whole point of having a custom rom is to make the OS run BETTER. But I doubt u ever had something like that installed on any phone, otherwise u wouldn’t talk so much blah blah. Furthermore I never said 100% that I will get lollipop. I said I want it and that I will try to make it happen. And I depend on developers to do that project. So the result is not dependant on me.

5.Camera. Where did I ever say that I will make the camera better? I think you really have a problem with your ears. I said I WILL TRY to make it better. And again you have no idea what you are talking about because you failed to do your research. But that’s nothing new it seems. I will give you another lecture now. You claim that “the camera can only perform as well as its hardware specifications permit” Again utter nonsense. XDA member Xperia Ray proved in his XDA thread that it is VERY WELL possible to enhance the camera itself. For that he modded the vignette camera app. Allthough the original thread got deleted on his request (as he hacked the vignette apk), the method did work and there are still threads about it. See And there are other posts to enhance the quality without even editing any software. Now let me continue with the most ridiculous claim from your side that I apparently have made

6.Full HD.
I don´t know how old you are but apparently u never mentally grew out of the age of 5. So lets sort this out once and for all. The Beam 2 CAN play FULL HD content. That is also called 1080p playback. That means that you can download or transfer a Full HD movie to your phone and play it with the standard player. But that does obviously NOT mean that the phone can display or project in Full HD quality. I think you didn´t really get that part it seems. So I will repeat. Full HD playback does NOT equal Full HD portrayal. Obviously you cannot watch the movie in Full HD on the Beam 2. And I never said that you can. I simply said that Full HD content is playable. So stop putting words in other peoples mouth.

So let me summarize. You don´t need to trust me but at least you could ignite the remaining brain cells that you hopefully have, clean your ears and start doing some research instead of putting people in a bad light. Also Gingerbread as you claim did not work pretty well for many people. Why you think so many people wanted to upgrade to Jelly Bean? Anyway. Jelly Bean also allows you to project games and even play on them with a PS3, and guess what. This is NOT possible on Gingerbread because the Bluetooth protocols are missing there. And ur also an expert when it comes to manufacturing a phone its seems lol. It´s not about putting a projector into a Note series and it´s all done. The note with it´s big and bright display and its processor already consumes a lot of energy, so what you think an extra projector would consume and what impact would that glorious idea have on the thermodynamics? The Note already has overheating problems (google it) and you think adding a apparently “cheap projector unit” wouldn´t be an issue? Ever thought of the costs that would need to go into designing such a product? Which would then result in a higher product price that people would not want to pay in the end. But it seems you know it all right?

The only absolute thing that I could agree with you beside the brainless nonsense that you brabbled here is, that Samsung could have done WAY better. They could have made a phone with much better specs and MUCH better software support. The support that the Gt-i8530 got is horrible. But somebody has to keep in mind that if the specs would have been better the price would have most probably gone up (if it would have been made by Samsung). If it would have been another brand then this might have been a different story. Some brands manage to build phones with reasonable costs (oneplusone, moto g). And I guess Samsung did not want to risk higher production costs if they fear failure. So Samsung saw the Beam as an experiment, not as a real opportunity (which is actually is). So whoever read my post now please do not base your opinion about a product on one “expert”. Always do your research first. Thank you.

PS: To avoid any white line in the projector picture just always use the rotate projection from the projector adjustment menu. Never use the one from the settings (cinemamode) as this causes some missbehaviour in the apk. So should u have that line simple a) put the screen orientation in normal mode. b) Then restart the phone and don´t touch screen orientation again. Only use the rotation function from the projector adjustment menu as just mentioned.

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  • 2015-03-06 23:35
  • 0mv$
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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2015-01-29 11:26 from n5px - click to readyou know, I'm planning a trip to Europe, a camping trip. I don't want to carry a labtop, so this seemed like a answer. a smartphone I could project, maybe watch a movie to share with my fellow campers, and to make phone calls and do internet searches to find information. Before I shell out some dollars I want to be sure I get what I'm paying for. thanks to your review, you have saved me some money. I have a question, do you know of a device that will work as this one claims. I need to project a screen and a keyboard in my travels that I can carry in my pocket.

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  • 2015-02-05 19:07
  • q3K5
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The ram is less than 1gb (even though you may read it is 1gb). In practice it is more or less the same as the previous Beam. It is not surprising this phone lags because when the previous Beam was upgraded to JB, it also suffered from lag and became unusable. These phones are just not up to handling newer versions of Android.

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  • 2015-01-29 11:29
  • n5px
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Hi Chris,

I tried the GPS solution you offer but it does not work. I do believe you are in denial. Many problems are hardware based and usually if a GPS cannot lock on, the problem cannot be resolved with a software fix which is all you are offering. If you are the same person who runs the allboutthegalaxybeam Youtube Channel you have offered this solution to people before but it does not get the gps to work. Where is the proof your solition works and that it makes he GPS usable? If it takes ten minutes to lock on everytime your locarion changes it won't be very useful would it? I have tried the fix you have offered here but it does not work, and it didn't with either of the Beam 2 phones I owned. If it was that easy, people wouldn't persistently complain about it. The phone has other issues too. It is terribly slow and the ram gets used up quickly. I owned two and on the second one, I did not install a single app, the phone was usually used for the projector but whenever I browsed the internet, using the stock browser, the phone would start to freeze after a while and usually that was when I used mobile versions of news websites, most of which did not have videos or graphics. On the first Beam I tried other browsers such as Dolphin and Opera Mini and even they had the same issues. This is not an issue with browsers or apps. The phone is simply too slow and the ram is poor. Sure the projector is OK but hardly leaps and bounds ahead of the previous model, and one cannot realistically use such a terrible phone on a day to day basis because both of my Beam 2 devices I owned froze up even when not being used. Sometimes I would just pick it up, press the projector button and nothing would happen. After around a minute it would switch on. The guy who does the Youtube videos actually sells these phones too so perhaps this is why he raves about it. The phone cannot handle Android and is super slow, and the Ram issue is a big one. Sure you can choose to use it as your main phone but it lags a lot and is vey frustrating to use. If you only like the projector (which you probably won't all day unless you live in a dark dungeon because it can only be used in total dark), it is not worth carrying a crap phone all the time. The guy who does the Youtube channel often says that he will get a Lollipop rom made for this but it won't improve the specs for the phone. The phone struggles with Jelly Bean, and won't fare much better on Lollipop. He claims he can make the camera better but the camera can only perform as well as its hardware specifications permit. In his review he says the phone can play Full HD movies and this has been repeaed by people on his Facebook page. It is utter nonsense. If a Full HD file is played it will not show beyond the phones maximum resolution so if that happens to be 720p (I am not sure how high the resolution is but it is not Full HD and hasn't even been advertised as such), it won't give you a 1080p picture. This should be obvious. People here on Gsm arena have made such silly claims too but the hardware will not allow you to play videos beyond the specifications of the device and if you say you can you are miseleading people. The phone cannot display full HD content in the same way you would not get a HD picture if you Plug a Blu Ray Player into a standard definition tv and play a Full HD movie. It will display but it won't be HD. The phone is not very usable because if you cannot use it as a phone on a day to day basis (which you probably won't because of the lag issues - the gps doesn't work either), it will just be something you use for the projector and there are much better Pico projectors available for the price which will allow you to plug in many more things. I would not trust Chris as I think he is just trying to pretend this is a great phone when in reality the specs are very poor and if it didn't have the projector, which is also quite glitchy, it won't even be worth considering. I don't know why Samsung made such a poor device in which to add the projector. The previous model ran well with gingerbread. The Jelly Bean update crippled it. Gingerbread is old but the old Beam worked pretty well with it and suffered minimal lag and allowed you to prject games and videos. The update to JB, Kitkat or Lollipop does not improve the projector functions and they work well on the stock software so beware of making changes because these phones have poor specs and such devices usually cannot handle software upgrades. The guy on the Youtube channel says he can improve the Beam 2's camera with software - he wants to add a zoom but most people hate crappy digital zooms anyway. He can't make the camera better than it is, and software solutions are usually poor and cannot mask the inherent problems with the hardware. I really wanted to like this phone and most people here who have not yet bought one are only talking about it because it is the only projecror phone available (it is discontinued but at the time of writing there are a lot of them on eBay). It is very poor in general and Samsung should have made a better device. They should add a better projector in one of their Note devices. It would be much more appropriate on one of their flagships. Contrary to what people think these projectors aren't very expensive to add into the phone because you can buy the projector assembly for the beam 2 quite cheaply so if they add one to the Note series of phones it won't add much to the manufacturing cost. The reason the Beam phones didn't do well is not because people haated the projectors or had no need for them but because Samsung added them to very average phones with dated specs, and Beam 2 is actually worse than the model that came out in 2012 because the GPS actually worked and the software, although dated, worked well with the hardware.

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  • 2015-01-29 11:26
  • n5px
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I am trying to buy Beam 2 please advice this phone is good or not specially in speed
thanks & waiting

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  • 2015-01-27 11:27
  • XNCe
  • Q

What is the size of ram used in the phone\

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  • 2015-01-21 20:50
  • uWj9
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Ok Leopold did i say use Faster Fix?You people don't listen.No i'm not in denial and i'm sorry there's problem with your phone.The guy on youtube is not perfect in everything.
1.Install google play services and all the programs from the instruction on the youtube channel make sure you do all the steps and install super su root too
2.Install "FASTER GPS" can be found here­g.fastergps
and set your continent and region for example im europe greece.It changes the default satellites on your phone the program that works.Make sure you have Access to my location-Use wireless networks and A-gps turn on for home network(works for me or for all network).All these can be found on location services.
Now i use Sygic_v.13.4.2 works perfect with fast lock.
i know there are newer versions the latest has small glitches while i move.
3.Press the projector button while on homescreen go to the contrast setting and enable the dynamic contrast on manual mode set it whatever you like.I have the note 3 wallpaper ({there is on the phone} and the white vertical line that blinks while playing video is red actually on the left of the image,do not leave the setting window or press ok.You just have to click the dymamic contrast on and off a couple of times until the red line is gone,is visible without exiting the contrast setting-no glitch after that.Only then you press ok and the image is free of glitch.

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  • 2015-01-17 11:42
  • 0Tup
  • F

Hi Chris. Faster Fix didn't work for me and I did exactlt what you said. Yhis is a known problem and even the guy who runs the allaboutthegalaxybeam Youtube channel knows about this problem. This problem cannot be repaired via software because some phone manufacturers actually Build GPS hardware to lock on to the nearest regional satellites, and as this phone was not intended to work outside China, it always struggles to find the signal Also in China the GPS is not accurate because the government of that country does not trust it.
I owned two of these and while I acknowledge that the projector is good, ir has glitches and I used them quite a lot. The white line is a problem and frequently appears if you start up the phone in cinema mode. The o ly fix is what I personally worked out after extensive use and I have detailed the workaround. I think some owners of this phone are in denial about its problems. Yes the projector is cool, but tue phone is junk and is laggy as hell. The ram gets used up so quickly and on my second Beam 2 I did not even install any apps akd deleted many other preinstalled ones and it was still laggy. I am glad you are enjoying your phone Chris but maybe after you use it for a while you will identify the problems.

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  • 2015-01-16 23:31
  • n5px
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I just got the phone and is simply amazing!The worst thing from this phone is actually the 2 mediocre cameras.
Now leopold when u say visual problems do you mean the white vertical line on the left while playing a video eg?
Can be simply disappear if you enable and close the dynamic contrast feature.Also the gps works and fast lock too,just download Faster GPS PROGRAM AND SET YOUR COUNTRY AND REGION.On me the phone works pretty fast and it's awesome,i would rather have his phone rather just having an s5 or note 4 anytime....
The phone needs better specs hope they came up with something nice next year
8 MP Secondary 2.1 MP
Quad-core 415?1.5 ram at least....down to earth specs no crazy stuff

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  • 2015-01-15 20:11
  • xyKx
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The projector has visual problems sometimes and this has not been fixed by Samsung. It is also slow with little ram. Regularly freeezes and GPS no work. I ask Samsing please fix my phone. Out of box, Samsung Beam 2 has no Google Play services so it has to be rooted which I done. Still it remain slow. I also think previous model was better because gps worked, it ran OK on gingerbread and the projector had no glitches. The Beam 2 projector is better and you can make more adjustments but the rest of the phone is extremely poor and underperforms, and for 2015, this phone just does not cut it. I think it will be China exclusive because this has potential of harming Samsung repuration as it is very poor performer.

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  • 2015-01-15 14:49
  • n5px
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I bought two Beam 2 phones. The first was rooted by myself and I installed Google ay services etc. The projector is slightly better than the first, and you can increase contrast to increase visbility. The projector has glitches with a white line on the left side of the screen if you switch on the cinema mode. Also if you switch this mode on and increase contrast you always the white line on the left of the image.
There is a workaround. Start the projector in normal mode, rotate projection, adjust contrast and then go to the DLP app and select cinema mode. The problem should not occur. However if you leave the projector in cinema mode and start up in that mode you will get the white line. Also if you start up the projector in cinema mode and don't get the white line, adjusting the contrast will present it, so start up in normal mode, make adjustments and then select cinema mode. I have used this extensively and this is the only way. Firmware updates so far have not corrected this issue.
The other thing is the GPS does not work outside of China. There is no software fix. This is a hardware issue since most GPS assemblies are designed to lock on the nearest regional satellites and no matter what you do this won't change. It doesn't work most of the time and when it does it is very useless as it can take absolute ages to lock on. Like I said most of the time it doesn't lock on anyway.
As for performance, apart from the projector the phone is terrobly laggy and frequently freezes. The person who runs the allbouthtegalaxybeam always praises this phone, but in my experienxe this is a terrible phone. It really is. If you use the internet for a while, it starts freezing. Even Opera Mini feezes. I sold my first one and missed the projextor so bought a second one which was as bad so I sold that too. The concept is good and once you get used to the projector and workaround the glitches, it is OK, but I feel the previous Beam was better. The projector was almost as good, and the OS was much more stable especially if you left it running on Gingerbread. The Jelly Bean update has issues and the phone becomes practically unusable with it, but the person who runs he allabouthegalaxybeam Youtube Channel will soon release a Kitkat updateband if thatbis stable it is probably better off sticking to that model. The previous Beam had a louader speaker, came with two batteries and a separate charger, and was a nice little device. For that model you could also purchase a dock in which you can charge the phone and use the projector simultaneously. That same dock can be used as a tripod mount for the projector so I think in spite of having a slightly better projector, the Beam 2 is laggy, glitchy and uninteresting. It has no spare battery charger or dock/tripod mount The GPS does not work, and as phone it constantly freezes so is unreliable. On some occasions it freezes when you get a phone call and you can't even answer because it has become unresponsive. If this phone had officially been released outside of China the review websites would have slaughtered it. In fact, Samsung have stopped making them. There is very little demand for these generally which is sad since a projector can be very useful. Having said that, Samsung need to make a much better phone than this to include this feature. Yes the projector is good for the size, but it is very glitchy and that does taint the experience. Even the person who runs the allbouthegalaxybeam Youtube channel acknowledges the white line issue with the projeftor and he has also experienced the GPS problem.

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  • 2015-01-15 14:36
  • n5px
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PPI is low and 480*800 is low. only projector is extra

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  • 2014-12-26 09:02
  • PAm7
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When lunching in Pakistan... ?

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  • 2014-12-20 08:51
  • 6PId
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> In reply to Aesir @ 2014-11-28 03:50 from 8{5y - click to readOn ebay from star644 or cal zee #075 1474 3632. Last few left.thnks

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  • 2014-12-05 12:38
  • 9A6F
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> In reply to tutu @ 2014-11-19 03:59 from mYsu - click to readCould you tell me please where I can buy it?

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  • 2014-11-28 03:50
  • 8{5y
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> In reply to Imran @ 2014-11-13 13:36 from KIDM - click to readI use the firt version for more than 2 years and its still very good..

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  • 2014-11-24 22:24
  • npP2
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> In reply to Imran @ 2014-11-13 13:36 from KIDM - click to readNope. It wont.

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  • 2014-11-20 17:01
  • B}Ib
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I've had the Beam 2 for a month now and I think it was worth the 400$. It was only released for China Mobile so I ordered it from Beijing.

At first it was a headache rooting it, installing Google Play services and uninstalling the chinese apps (the Samsung launcher and bloatware it comes installed with is lame). But after a few days of deciphering tutorials from this very helpful yet sometimes confusing youtube channel 'allaboutthegalaxybeam2" its now rooted and working really well. I do wish the projector was brighter but its good enough that i can watch movies on my wall at night (with all the lights turned off) and do smaller/close range projections in more lit . I use an app called Show Box which lets u stream literally any movie/show with subtitles of ur choosing- i reccomend it to anyone who gets a Beam 2.

The one thing that does bug me is the lack of RAM. It comes with 1gb that is not upgradable, and the Roehsoft RAM Expander app (that uses SD space to expand RAM) unfortunatley doesnt seem to work with this model.

So with low RAM i'll occassionally get lag and will have to be careful not to run too many apps at once. I've experienced lag when running high def videos on VLC Player, when navigating between apps, and I assume games wont run very well.

So I love it but hopefully the Beam 3 will have:
- a brighter projector (perhaps with the option of more lumens when the phone is plugged in)
- more projector settings (with gamma etc...)
- at least double the RAM
- a more streamlined launcher, less bloatware
- a worldwide release

These small changes aside, having a projector in your pocket with all the capabilities of a smartphone is pretty amazing. It really makes me feel like im in the future when I use it.

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  • 2014-11-19 03:59
  • mYsu
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I think his projector lens will be weak after some time
What u say about this?

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  • 2014-11-13 13:36
  • KIDM
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I think being a teacher they should have this to lessen their time to cut, draw or to make instructional materials.

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  • 2014-10-15 14:14
  • t7Xk
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