Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear now available

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Samsung's big IFA 2013 announcements – the Galaxy Note 3 phablet and the Galaxy Gear smartwatch – are already on sale and some early-bird customers in the Netherlands already have them in (or on) their hands.

In the Netherlands, an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (the N9005 with Snapdragon 800, LTE and 2160p UHD video capture) will set you back €600 unlocked for either the Black and White version.

If you want it on contract, you can have it on Tele2 for €150 upfront and €38 a month or T-Mobile for €163 and €43 a month. Vodafone has it at €29 and €54 a month for 2 years. You can also have it on Telfort for free at €52 a month or Hollands Niuewe for €316 and €50 a month. These are all for 2-year contracts.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is €350.

In the UK, Expansys lists the white Note 3 as available at £620, the black one isn't there yet. EE has set the price of the white one at £30 up front and £51 a month. Clove will be getting its Galaxy Note 3 units tomorrow at £594 SIM-free (both black and white).

Clove also has the Galaxy Gear on pre-order (expecting stock "at the end of September", which is about now) and is yet to confirm which colors will be available. The price is £282.

Germans will be getting their Galaxy Note 3s in about a week from Amazon – the white one is €700, but the black one is listed at €760. Other stores have the black one at the proper €700 price.

The Galaxy Gear is priced at €300 at

The French will have to pay €712 for their Galaxy Note 3s and €300 for the Galaxy Gear.

Negri Electronics ships internationally and has the Note 3 unlocked as well as the carrier-specific versions. The site also lists the N9000 – that's the Exynos 5 Octa version – which starts at $770. The Galaxy Gear is $389.

You can check out our preview of the Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear hands-on for more info.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear now available - reader comments

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I love galaxy note 3

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  • 2014-10-19 09:47
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  • ryanolea

how much galaxy note 3 in taiwan

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  • 2014-09-06 16:05
  • YQpX
  • Greek

I wanted to buy Note 3 but I could not find any Korean production only China that I do not want , & the price is 800 Euro ,may be I must look for company that respect the buyer & wrote the name of country production on the box , I am so angry...

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  • 2014-01-11 23:46
  • 3AHB