Samsung Galaxy Note III to record 4K videos, support Hi-Fi sound

27 August, 2013 | Comments (83) | Post your comment

As the Samsung Galaxy Note III announcement nears, rumors about the upcoming phablet are getting more and more specific. According to the latest gossip the Galaxy Note III phablet will capable of doing 4K (UHD) video recording. The report comes from The Korea Economic Daily and while there's no way to check its authenticity, it does seem rather plausible.

We already heard that the Sony Xperia Z1 (also known as Honami) will sport 4K video recording, so it would make sense for Samsung to try and match that with its latest flagship. The Snapdragon 800 chipset and the Exynos 5420, rumored to power the different Galaxy Note III versions, should both pack enough oomph to handle the increased load. And with the phablet almost certainly coming with a microSD card slot for memory expansion, the resulting huge files shouldn't be a problem either.

But that's not all the rumor mill brought today. According to the same report, the Galaxy Note III will will also offers higher-quality audio playback. This means the phablet will support 24-bit/192KHz sound compared to the 16-bit audio (CD quality) supported by all Galaxy smartphones to date.

We'll know very soon if all those rumors are true. Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note III in Berlin on September 4 and you bet we'll be there to cover the whole thing.

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Samsung Galaxy Note III to record 4K videos, support Hi-Fi sound - reader comments

  • Arjun

Surprised to know that you are satisfied with just HD (720p) videos. I really think that having more sharper quality videos is much better for viewing every single details.......I am not even satisfied with full HD videos(1080p).I really would be hap...

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  • 2013-09-17 18:20
  • U$4N
  • Pino

Sure, and you are, of course, the smart guy, obviously. Am I right?

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  • 2013-08-29 01:56
  • JGw{
  • Hired Gunns

Well, only stupid or rich people buy something like this that needs further investment to get the proper benefit out of it. So i can only guess there must be a lot of stupid or rich people in this world.

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  • 2013-08-28 18:56
  • mX{k