Samsung Galaxy S II passes first review test with flying colors

22 March, 2011 | Comments (111) | Post your comment

A Samsung Galaxy S II prototype escaped a bit early from the factory and we already have its first review, complete with plenty of live shots, camera samples and screenshots. The great news is that the smarphone did great, really impressing the reviewers.

We already met the Galaxy S II on the MWC and spent some great time with it. But the guys at got even luckier and got a unit in the comfort of their office.

Samsung Galaxy S II

Here are some head-to-head shots with XPERIA X10:

Galaxy S II next to XPERIA X10

The Galaxy S II is "faster, thinner and lighter" than its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy S II user interface made 10+ min video demonstration of the UI. Their early prototype unit was already pretty smooth, running on the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread. However it was missing the new TouchWiz 4.0 launcher that the final version is supposed to be featuring.

The review also brought us plenty of camera and 1080p video samples. The quality is pretty impressive for a beta unit and makes us all the more eager to see what the final units will be capable of.

Samsung Galaxy S II camera samples

The 1080p footage looks great too so the Galaxy S II might turns to be the best video recorder in the smartphone family. Just don't forget to click that 1080p button and switch to fullscreen to enjoy the videos in their full shine.

You can find even more information, pictures, screenshots and camera samples by following the source link below.

Source (in Russian)




Samsung Galaxy S II passes first review test with flying colors - reader comments

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Lol get your facts straight, i guess haters gona hate.

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Ha! The photos are from Kiev, Ukraine. My city.;-)

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this should be released at the soonest..

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