Samsung Galaxy S II I9101 spotted in the wild, could be the NFC one

Another version of the Samsung's Galaxy S II has leaked, this time in a bunch of blurry photos. It goes under I9101 model name and looks just like the I9100 Galaxy S II. It could be the NFC version that's supposed to ship in June to UK and other select markets to support the introduction of NFC services.

For all we know, in addition to the original I9100 Galaxy S II smartphone, Samsung is preparing two more rumored versions to expand its market expansion. The first one is the I9103, which should be based on the Tegra2 chipset, while the other one is the NFC-capable Galaxy S II.

Since we know nothing about the I9101, we suppose it should be the NFC-enabled Galaxy S II. The forum user who posted the pictures claims the device is stuck on the boot screen, so there is no information on its specs.

Anyway, at least we know there is another Galaxy S II on the way and we guess it should be announced soon.

You can check out this video that shows the NFC-enabled version of the Galaxy S II in action:

In case you don't to wait the NFC-capable Galaxy S II, you could always get the standard edition and give it the sticker treatment.





Samsung Galaxy S II I9101 spotted in the wild, could be the NFC one - reader comments

  • CX

you're absolutely right !!

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  • 2011-05-31 22:26
  • PHbA
  • Anonymous

Samsung Galaxy S II I9101 spotted in Singapore!!!! Go to : Galaxy S II I9101 graphic is PowerVR SGX 540, not Mali 400 GPU ????

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  • 2011-05-31 18:44
  • nuF}
  • bla

after working for 3 years in a samsung repair centre i can only say........ samsung is crap! almost every samsung model looks like an old phone after 3 months, some new models not even have screws, it's all assembled. and other more things..... ...

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  • 2011-05-31 12:33
  • Tk1F