Samsung Galaxy S II launches in South Korea and the UK

28 April, 2011 | Comments (98) | Post your comment

Samsung is throwing a party for the domestic launch of its super-droid, the Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II. The phone is already on sale in the UK and S. Korea and will launch in another 118 countries soon, with a total of 140 operators.

You can snatch up the Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II from a number of UK retailers for £500 SIM-free or on contract with major UK carriers. Today, Samsung is celebrating the release of the phone in their home market and will eventually expand the Galaxy S II availability to a total of 120 countries and 140 operators. Thereís no timetable available for those launches though.

Photos from the Samsung Galaxy S II launch in Korea

The Galaxy S II tries to improve everything about itís predecessor Ė itís thinner with a bigger screen and a better matrix, a better camera and a fast 1.2GHz dual-core CPU. Now what's left is to best the 10+ million sales of the original Galaxy S.

If itís not available in your country yet, you can pass the time by reading our preview of the Samsung Galaxy S II.

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Samsung Galaxy S II launches in South Korea and the UK - reader comments

  • tt

is galaxy 2 of 8.5 or 8.9's thickness? according to the launch party in Korea, the phone come in 8.9mm thick against earlier anounced 8.5mm (this is due to the addition of the NFC chip for the final retail version). However, alots website (including...

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  • 2011-05-03 17:29
  • wvhZ
  • josell63

When Samsung Galaxy S II launching in USA, Miami, FL ?

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  • 2011-05-02 20:23
  • 95WH
  • Gecchi

i want the 32 Gb version only..

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  • 2011-04-30 13:14
  • nvY}