Samsung Galaxy S to launch on T-Mobile USA July 21?

Excited whispers on the Internet say that the Samsung Galaxy S is on its way to T-Mobile USA - soon. The Samsung T959 surfaced a while ago, with rumors that it's T-Mobile's version of the Galaxy S - and recent rumors suggest it can launch as soon as the end of next month.

From the time the Samsung T959 Galaxy S surfaced, we did a whole review of the phone (the I9000 but there shouldn't be any big differences), so you can read that to pass the time. A TmoNews source says that the Samsung Galaxy S will launch on T-Mobile USA on July 21.

Samsung T959 Galaxy S Samsung T959 Galaxy S
The Samsung T959 Galaxy S is said to launch on T-Mobile July 21

The Samsung Mobile USA lends credibility to such rumors - it touts that the Samsung Galaxy S is coming this summer. They don't give a specific date, but it certainly makes the July 21 arrival date of the Samsung T959 Galaxy S quite plausible.

The Samsung Galaxy S is the second phone with Samsung's SuperAMOLED screen technology, and at 4" it's also the biggest (the first one being the 3.3" display on the Samsung S8500 Wave). Here's a promo video that highlights the features that T-Mobile subscribers can expect from the Samsung T959 Galaxy S.

Engadget report that they've been invited to an event on June 29, which will be all about Samsung bringing the next generation Android phones. It's an easy guess they'll talk about the Samsung T959 Galaxy S.

Source: TmoNews, Engadget, Samsung Mobile USA



Samsung Galaxy S to launch on T-Mobile USA July 21? - reader comments

  • Anonymous

Vodafone promise to deliver on June 15. y-s-taking-uk-pre-orders-vodafone-promises-june- 15/

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  • 2010-06-11 10:39
  • pXX3
  • gerber

oh man, that would suck if it isn't in stores. I'm planning on just going to the T-Mobile store right behind my house to get one, i don't plan on ordering it.

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  • 2010-06-11 06:12
  • Im$L
  • Anonymous

so at this point are they going to be taking orders on the 21s? or is it going to be in-stores on the shelf so it can be in my hands that day ? (one could only hope)

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  • 2010-06-10 22:48
  • QRf0