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> In reply to Mahbod (Mercury700ir @ 2010-12-07 15:21 from jJ3W - click to readDude what are you talking about? Why are you making stuff up?
Do you know how many phones out there (aside SGS) has BT 3.0 so you can send your file on a higher rate? Almost None! at least you can use gyro in gaming and applications.
and why google didn't make a clear-cut tech geeky phone like nexus? Because the technology is not here at the moment. for the display, even samsung is stock at SAMOLED with this resolution. Dual-Core CPUs are not in the market and besides the CPU and GPU pack more punch than the requirement of every single application/game on the market.
But above all, NEXUS S is only a commnercial phone. It's the falgship of the Google VoIP and NFC technology and frankly, google doesn't care if it's not revolutionary. Because it's evolutionary!

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  • 2010-12-07 16:09
  • srgp
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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2010-12-07 14:20 from UqHY - click to readwhat about the gyro ? or it's not that important to you ?

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  • 2010-12-07 15:52
  • nyfF
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  • Mahbod (Mercury700ir
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It is almost galaxy S without some UNNECESSARY (:D) features ( I have to poke the google with this new phone ), IT has no BLUETOOTH 3 but it has gyro axis sensor...
Wht do you need more..?? bluetooth 3 or gyro sensor.???
Are we in 1980 decade ?? ( I think we are in 1980 because in those days we had some TV with curved screens.. :D:D:D )...
WOWWWWW, what a big difference between this new comer and NEXUS One, this new comer has 16GB internal memory with gyro sensor..
Do you really convinced to pay your money for this freak???
I am not.. I think my HTC Legend has at least a unibody aluminum if it does not have blutooth 3 or 1 GHz hummingbird processor.
I suggest you to buy Galaxy S or Droid 2 global if you want to have a full speed and full functioned cell phone..
Google, you make us ashamed about yourself...
you did not even make your screen resolution better than Galaxy S or your previous cellphone... Do you???
Why should I pay this money for this phone???
some one please tell why??!!!

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  • 2010-12-07 15:21
  • jJ3W
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Thats it? Why is there no support for t-mobile's advanced network? Why is it made out of plastic? Why are there no memory card slot? Why is bluetooth at 2.1 and not the more advance option that the galaxy s has to offer? This phones has great spec's but it is missing important upgrades. I really hoped for something more revolutionary. The Nexus One was a milestone upgrade to android devices and the Nexus S just doesn't push it to the next level. I can live with the current spec if only they would have include t-mobile's HSPA+ support. Samsung you have failed to catch my attention once again. HTC is the future of Android devices and it is HTC that should of been the manufacture of the latest Nexus device. Their Hardware is unbeatable and plastic does not define their design.

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  • 2010-12-07 15:08
  • kAx$
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i think, perfect phone is just a dream..y? Bcoz if they launch a perfect phon,and ofcors people will buy it,just thers no market for them at all...thats how the bznes run..

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  • 2010-12-07 14:54
  • vj1k
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the only thing it differs from galaxy s is an led flash and gingerbread os. well, i'm still sticking to my galaxy s and iphone 4.

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  • 2010-12-07 14:20
  • UqHY
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[quote]Video: Yes, 720p@30fps[/quote]

Too bad this is incorrect, it's actually 720x480 so at best it's 480p@30fps.


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  • 2010-12-07 13:57
  • iyBc
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who can really fill up 16gb...there is no need for a memory card slot option people

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  • 2010-12-07 13:24
  • 40DF
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lame effort samsung... why bother?? it now has a led
shoulda just included that in the gal S right?

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  • 2010-12-07 13:22
  • w6kX
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Very disapoining . Only 5 mp ?Serios ?? Really ?

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  • 2010-12-07 13:09
  • 0Ukh
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i will not buy this phone bcoz of no SD Card slot.

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  • 2010-12-07 13:05
  • Iax1
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ugly :(

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  • 2010-12-07 12:59
  • pVqM
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wh samsung made those high range phones with just 5mp middile class camera dont no...atlest they can put 8mp camera in this phone.

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  • 2010-12-07 12:28
  • t4Zx
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if samsung put memory card slot and fm then it will be better than samsung galaxy s..

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  • 2010-12-07 12:26
  • t4Zx
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What? no radio???

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  • 2010-12-07 12:14
  • 2W9K
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comeon in other android phones you can download only apps which you can store into your phone memory and not the card you will have 16gb internal storage i dont really know the way you are thinking of that its a really interesting case that phone.If you do not know dont post comments...!!! Thats my opinion...You will have an internal storage of 16 gb IT WILL NOT BE ENOUGHT IF YOU WANT TO STORE GARBAGES IN YOUR SMARTPHONE...!!!

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  • 2010-12-07 12:12
  • 3dXu
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> In reply to Josef @ 2010-12-07 11:28 from 3iL} - click to readAre you crazy??? Who needs card slot with 16 gigs memory???

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  • 2010-12-07 12:06
  • iG6b
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^o) y it's about 680 EUR :S it's 2X Nokia's N8 one :S

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  • 2010-12-07 12:03
  • fqec
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I would NOT buy this one just because of lack of card slot. No way...

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  • 2010-12-07 11:28
  • 3iL}
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Hope der will be phone in future which as
12mp camera with xenon flash and led light
Multiple os just like in pc when u have option to go to windows or fedora (Symbian,Android)
Usb on go support for 1tb External drive
Projector,scanner,Super Amoled display with nokia clear black
Battery backup for 1week
100gb in built memory,
dual sim
slim and light

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  • 2010-12-07 10:47
  • 2SQU
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