Samsung i300X with 4GB hard disk

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It seems that Samsung have quietly switched the i300 model to i300X recently. It's not clear if Samsung will manufacture both the models or the i300 is discontinued of production. The disappearance of i300 on the Samsung UK site tips for the future plans of the manufacturer.

The main differences between the two models are the bigger hard drive capacity in i300X, 4 GB, and the newer OS version of Microsoft Windows Mobile. The i300 was announced with version 5.0 but it came out with the 2003 SE version. The new i300x will have Windows Mobile 5.0 OS. It will also support MP3 ringtones, while the older model curiously supports AAC, but not MP3.

The Samsung i300X will have great multimedia features with excellent music playback options. The 1.3 megapixel camera provides video recording. The phone will also have Bluetooth, IrDA and USB connectivity. The 4 GB hard drive is supported by 64 MB internal memory and a microSD card slot. The i300X will come with various accessories (travel charger, stereo headset, USB data kit and application & manual CD, desktop holder 10-pin to 3.5 mm adaptor with MIC).




Samsung i300X with 4GB hard disk - reader comments

  • KalessiN

I've had the I300 Awesome model

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  • 2013-04-29 04:52
  • d$b%
  • rowell

I love this phone. I bought it just last week of April 2007 from Singapore and it is totally cool phone. I recommend this phone. The music quality is good and the memory is tremendously awesome. Thanks to Samsung Technology

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  • 2007-06-18 00:47
  • RxnW
  • Fred

I got the Samsung I300x 2weeks ago. Overall I'm quite disapointed: 1. Battery life. The standard battery only last for a short day, with less than 20 min talk time. If I listen to music, the battery runs low after only 1h30 min (and the HDD is a...

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  • 2006-06-19 10:56
  • PFM9