The Samsung I8800 is a Tizen smartphone, photos leak

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Samsung integrated its Bada OS into the Tizen project a while ago, but we are yet see a smartphone running on the open source project. However, traces of a Samsung device running on Tizen was confirmed by a UAProf earlier and now, the images of the smartphone with Tizen 2.1 have surfaced online.

Images of Samsung Redwood with Tizen 2.1

The upcoming Tizen smartphone from Samsung has been codenamed "Redwood" and bears the GT-I8800 model name.

The design of the device looks quite similar to the company's own Galaxy smartphones. Samsung has obviously baked a few of its proprietary Android features into the Tizen OS such as S-Voice, Wi-Fi Direct and S-Beam.

The only thing we know about the Samsung I8800 Redwood is that it comes with a 720p display and runs the Tizen 2.1 OS.

The smartphone will be given away to some 500 developers, participating in the on-going Tizen Developer Conference for cross platform customizations.

So far we don't know whether that's actually a device that will be commercially available. It is possible that it only remains a developer's platform.





The Samsung I8800 is a Tizen smartphone, photos leak - reader comments

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We have arrived to the end of mobile century where the "poor" consumer shelled hundreds of $ for a smart device that show you the same Google and try to lure you to buy high end phones over

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Lol. Riiiiighht

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  • 2013-07-15 10:28
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the problem is, that the market is already to small to fit 3 realy good smart phone softwares. and samsung simply cant make anything good enough on its own, to actualy make it go viral like ios or android. samsung is like the iphone of android, ...

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