Samsung S5620 Monte preview: First look

GSMArena team, 09 February 2010.
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Unboxing without a box

We got our test sample in a plain white box, but that’s how early test samples usually come by. The good thing is that we’ve also got the full suite of accessories that should make their way to the retail sales box.

Samsung S5620 Monte comes paired with a one-piece headset that uses a 3.5mm audio jack. The data cable and the charger are usually no surprise, but this is the first time we see Samsung use this particular charger format. It looks exactly like what Nokia use for their mid- to high-end models.

Samsung S5620
What’s in the box

Samsung S5620 Monte 360-degree spin

The Samsung S5620 Monte measures 108.8 x 53.7 x 12.4mm. This makes it a tad bulkier than the Samsung S8000 Jet but it sits well in the hand thanks to the curved back and a weight of only 92 grams. It’s easily pocketable and all the controls are comfortable to use.

Design and construction

The Samsung S5620 Monte is unlikely to have any issues with fingerprints. The back is made from a nice, soft, matte plastic that does a pretty good job of hiding them. The front is made from the same plastic with a small chrome accent under the hardware keys.

Design-wise, the S5620 is totlllllally different from the 2009 Samsung portfolio, so when you see it for the first time, you almost instantly recognize it as a fresh device.

The colored sides and the angular look of the keys combined with the smooth arc of the rest of the design make for an edgy, futuristic exterior. It won’t appeal to executives but young people will certainly appreciate the styling.

The display is 3 inches in diagonal, which seems to be standard fare for mid-range touch phones, with a 240 x 400 WQVGA resolution (again in line with the rest). It uses capacitive technology and it’s very sensitive, responding to even a very light touch.

The screen sunlight legibility is average as the possible viewing angles under direct sunlight are quite limited (narrow).

Samsung S5620 Samsung S5620 Samsung S5620
The display • The video call camera

The video call camera is above the display, left of the speaker grill. There is no proximity or ambient light sensor.

There are three hardware buttons below the display - Call and End keys obviously and the center button. The center button brings up the main menu or toggles between the active app (if there is one) and the main menu.

The keys are flat, level with the display and not very big, but they’re comfortable enough to use. The mic pinhole is located under the keys.

Samsung S5620
The buttons on the front are large and easy to hit

On the left side of the phone you get the volume rocker and on the right side are the hardware Lock (or Hold) key and the shutter key. The microSD card slot is also on the right, covered by a plastic flap.

Samsung S5620 Samsung S5620 Samsung S5620 Samsung S5620
The volume rocker on the left • Hold and shutter keys on the right

The top does not surprise at all nor does it disappoint - it houses a 3.5 mm audio jack and a standard microUSB port with a protective cover. The phone charges from the microUSB port - just like most of its recent siblings. The bottom is bare.

Samsung S5620 Samsung S5620 Samsung S5620
The microUSB and audio jack are on top • the bottom side

As usual, the 3 megapixel camera lens is on the back of the device. The back of the Samsung S5560 Monte also hosts the small loudspeaker grill.

The camera protrudes from the back and is in fact the most prominent feature there so the phone rests on it.

As an unfortunate coincidence, this both muffles the speaker when the phone is put on a flat surface and also leaves the camera very vulnerable to scratches.

Samsung S5620 Samsung S5620
The camera is scratch-prone

Under the back cover you'll find a 1000 mAh battery and the SIM slot. The slot is on the left side of the device and is level with the the shutter key on the other side.

Samsung S5620
Under the back cover

The Samsung S5620 Monte is very comfortable to hold in the hand, which is the result of the nice blend of the materials used and the curved back. At 92 grams the phone feels pretty light for its volume.

Samsung S5620 Samsung S5620 Samsung S5620 Samsung S5620
Samsung S5620 in the hand • Size comparison Samsung S5620 vs. BlueEarth and S5560

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