Samsung to unveil the Google Nexus S on 8 November?

29 October, 2010 | Comments (58) | Post your comment

There is something cooking over at the Samsung camp and we're about to see what in just two weeks, on 8 November. Rumor has it, this might actually be the next-gen Google Nexus, the Nexus S (Nexus Two).

There's nothing certain yet, but Samsung has a press event scheduled for the 8 November where a new Android smartphone will be presented.

There's already a brew of rumors that Google will present their next Nexus smartphone before the end of the year. Adding two and two together, it's only natural to assume that the new Nexus phone is what Samsung will present.

In fact, rumors go as far as saying that the new Google phone will be a restyled Samsung Galaxy S - hence the name, Nexus S.

Gizmodo reportedly has an unidentified source that confrms all these rumors and add that the handset has a front-facing secondary camera and a curved back. Other than that it's the Galaxy S alright.

The Nexus S should be running the latest and greatest of Android OS and we're guessing it's the yet to be unveiled Android 2.3 a.k.a. Gingerbread.

The Google Nexus S should show up on 8 November and start selling in time for the holidays but there is still no word on its price.




Samsung to unveil the Google Nexus S on 8 November? - reader comments

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philReport well, now that i can hold out on buying the galaxy s and wait for the nexus 2, hopefully this time stupid samsung will put the flash on for the camera.... hi, i own sgs, n i dont need flash while taking some photo on a dark place...

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