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I have sumsung X620 and I have installed all software correctly. Now I'm trying to export my contacts to a csv or any other available format but the software doesn't work for those options. Is anyone familiar with this problem and if so give me the details as to how to go about it?

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  • 2007-10-08 18:10
  • MMxr
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Hi All,
For Easiest PC Linking

1) You should have WIN XP with SP2 this is important.
2) Download SGH-X620 Samsung PC Studio PIMS (ver.1.0)Samsung Website.
3) Connect your InfraRed device to PC, Launch the application, go to FileManager
4) You will understand what to do next.


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  • 2007-10-04 17:09
  • jcQc
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How do I transfer tones from my computer to the sumsung SGH X620 I have been trying Infra red

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  • 2007-10-04 15:29
  • fuMw
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why java games are not loaded in the mobile through the internet

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  • 2007-10-01 12:42
  • PT6E
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How to hear the samsung X620 ring tones after copying to the PC

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  • 2007-09-21 16:20
  • PAvk
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Is it possible to transfer data from this mobile to PC, if yes please provide the details.

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  • 2007-09-21 15:36
  • Mf3n
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i have SGH-X620 mobile, recently i will buy data cable for my mobile, i will try to instal mobile software to my PC, but PC not Except This software, please any body tell me How to install software to MY PC, operating system Windows Vista 1GB RAM.

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  • 2007-08-25 12:49
  • RKiD
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The moment I had Samsung X 620,I was too pleased;it`s really the good and comfortable mobile for me;the only problem I face that I am not able to receive or send the ringtones,pictures,messages via infrared;I`ve heard that it`s infrared only works with the other samsung mobiles only;is it correct;please give me the proper solution for this please

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  • 2007-08-24 11:19
  • ftVG
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when i try to download any game it shows invalid jad descriptor plz give some suggestions for it

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  • 2007-08-15 09:04
  • 2@qm
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how i can install the data cable cd in my pc
can u send me the procedure.

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  • 2007-08-04 13:12
  • PBBY
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i am not able to connect my pc with mobile by data cable .i have pims software but i dnt know the system file of data cable . please send me the driver.

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  • 2007-07-03 09:15
  • PWY$
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This is the heaven of a phone. I have enjoyed it for about a year specializing on its WAP. The only major problem to this phone is that now it cant display its IMEI number as it was when i bought it. By dialing *#06# it displays '' 000000 00 000000 /0 also when downloading java applications yes it completes the process but when installing it displays ''error invalid JAD descriptor'' and does not save. Please if anyone has a solution to this tell me how I can help it at a click not necessarily using a PC? Thanks for your expected reply. SAMMY from KENYA. Email

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  • 2007-06-08 18:28
  • Sbcf
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You can use infrared to transfer phonbook only, nothing else..

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  • 2007-06-07 21:11
  • wHuD
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This Is A Amazine Phone. Thanx Samsung

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  • 2007-05-27 21:18
  • P@Vf
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I have samsung x620.i have one big problem with this handset.When i try to install any game or software it shows " invalid jad description".pls frds help me.i have visited but no software is installed.pls send me solution on my e mail id.plzzz

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  • 2007-05-26 15:01
  • kH@$
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My phone was in the water 5 min. and survive :) Thank God:))))

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  • 2007-05-25 01:48
  • 0pA{
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this is a good best

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  • 2007-05-04 13:07
  • Rxfc
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Welcome to Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. We thankyou for your
interest/valuable_feedback. Please find hereafter, our response. Your
Transaction no. is 2000644326. Please quote this referencein all
subsequent communications.

To connect SGH-X620 to PC you need to purchase a genuine data cable
(PCB133LBE) only from samsung authorized service centre. It would cost
approximate Rs:505/- + Taxes. Alsoyou need to download "PC Studio PIMS"
software from or site.
First you need to install ?PC Studio PIMS? software on PC. Then you need
to install ?USB Driver? software in PC , during installation you may get
a prompt like ? This softwarehas not passed windows logo?, you need to
click on ?Continue Anyway?.

Then you need to connect the USB cable one end to USB port of PC and
other end to h/s charging port. Then you can get a pop-up wizard on PC
like ?New found Hardware Wizard?, you need to select the option ?No not
at this time? then click next. Then you need to select ?Install from a
Specific location? and click Next.

Now click on ?Browse? select ?C?drive > Program files > Samsung > USB
Modem then click on O.K and click on Next. It will automatically upload

You may require tofollow the same procedure if you get pop-up of ?New
found hardware wizard?.

Then you need to open ?PC Studio PIMS? software and in that software on
the left top row you can get a option of ?FILE?, you need to click on it
, then click on ?SETUP?, select ?USB COM? there and set baudrate to 460800 then click on O.K. Below the ?FILE? option you can get around shaped button like ?Re? you need to click on it. Now you can see
Phone Contacts of your h/s transferring automatically.

To download an upload image from phone to PC or vice-versa through ?PC
Studio PIMS? software, first you need to open PC Studio PIMS software
and click on Tool and then File manager . Then one window will be opened
and in that window you can get a icon of My Phone. You need to click on
?My phone? you can get some folders there. To download photo from h/s to
PC, you need to click on folder which contains photo then you need to
click on the folder of PC to which you wanted to transfer. You can get
all the folder of your PC in that File manager window. Now you can get
two arrows in the middle part of File Manager window , click on down
side arrow key for downloading. The reverse process for uploading.

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  • 2007-03-25 16:01
  • vG2H
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try read more about that phone because you can transfer data by use IR ;) (requiem is program which you havta downlade from official samsung page ;)

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  • 2007-03-06 20:34
  • MVxv
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data cable 4 samsungx620 s v diff 2 get... may i knw wat al v requir 2 transfer d pic on cel 2 comp?...plz...

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  • 2007-02-24 11:16
  • ijYb
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