Samsung Z150 ultra-thin 3G phone

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Samsung will present their ultra-thin SGH-Z150 3G phone on the 3GSM congress. The W-CDMA/UMTS device is only 9.8mm thick and supports Video On Demand (VOD) technology. It's good news to see that even 3G phones can be thin, because most of them are still too big for many users. But isn't SGH-Z150 too thin? Maybe the manufacturers compete for a record, but really, how thin can a phone be without that affecting the user's convenience.



















Samsung Z150 ultra-thin 3G phone - reader comments

  • Shenlock


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  • 2014-09-14 16:20
  • vx6d
  • Meme

Er is this phone plastic cuz it better not be!

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  • 2007-02-14 00:11
  • Aey5
  • Sjors

Is it possible to add address-info to a contact? and sync this info with Outlook? Most (or perhaps all) Samsung phones do not support this feature.

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  • 2006-08-07 22:27
  • S41R