Samsung Z540 review: Slim 3G clamshell

GSMArena team, 20 July 2006.
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UMTS connectivity

The phone features UMTS and EDGE which makes it an ordinary 3G device capable of fast data transfers. Other connectivity options are Bluetooth and USB. The USB may only be used with a custom data cable. The Bluetooth connection works seamlessly. PC synchronization was a piece of cake using Bluetooth. Regrettably, there is no Infrared connectivity feature which makes connecting with older mobiles and other devices more difficult.

The browser fails to impress

The web browser of the phone has many options and features but even when set to use the smallest font size available it couldn't accommodate much information on the QVGA screen. There is a URL remembering feature which helps the user when typing an address. There seems to be a memory problem with the browser as it says the memory is low and cannot load all the images when trying to open larger pages.

Samsung Z540 Samsung Z540 Samsung Z540 Samsung Z540
Samsung Z540 Samsung Z540 Samsung Z540
Sasmung Z540 web browser

Running on schedule

The Organizer sub-menu of the phone consists of several applications: Calendar, Week view, Today's events, Schedule, Anniversary, Task, Memo, Missed event alarm. The Calendar application has both month and week view as the week view is the same feature as the Week view in the Organizer sub-menu. The Anniversary application is very useful and comes handy for adding birthday dates.

Calendar month and week view

Samsung Z540 Samsung Z540

Handy tools

There are few applications that we haven't mentioned above and are supplied in the phone. Those are the Voice memo, World clock, Calculator, Converter. The Voice memo application is a simple voice recorder with 5 minutes limit. The Calculator is very simple and lacks more sophisticated features. The Converter is for Currency, Length, Weight, Volume, Area and Temperature conversions. Also, there is the File Manager which organizes all the files in the phone. Regrettably, it lacks multi selection feature.

Samsung Z540 Samsung Z540 Samsung Z540 Samsung Z540 Samsung Z540
File manager opened pictures video calculator

Now for the time wasting

There are only two preinstalled games in our Z540 version and they're both not very amusing. Power In Line X is a very lame roller skate simulation which is irritating rather than entertaining. The second game is The Last Age which is a first person sci-fi robot action. The control of the game is confusing and the gameplay is also not very well elaborated.

Samsung Z540 Samsung Z540 Samsung Z540
Entertainment menu Power In Line X The Last Age

A diamond with flaws

Samsung Z540 surely has some great features and very good hardware characteristics. The stylish design, good display and camera, music features and fast interface puts it in really good position for the customers. However, the lack of memory card slot and Infrared, the slow camera response and the confusing navigation button are significant drawbacks for the model. Anyway, we are sure that if you really like the style of this phone, you won't be put off by its flaws.

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