Watch the Samsung's Galaxy & Ativ Premiere event here

20 June, 2013 | Comments (44) | Post your comment

Samsung's Premiere event in London is over but you can still watch a recording of the whole thing in case you are interested to see the announcement of the new gadgets. We're busy reporting the tech specs of the new products as we speak.

Here's the recording of the event. The action starts at 0:43 minute.

On stage today we saw the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy NX interchangeable lens camera with Android along with several new additions to the Ativ PC line the Ativ Q and Ativ Tab 3 tablets, the Ativ Book 9 Plus and Ativ Book 9 Lite ultrabooks and the Ativ One 5 Style all-in-one touchscreen PC with a Galaxy S4 design.

We also attended the parallel New York Premiere event, so we'll get you some live photos of the new Galaxy NX camera and the Ativ Tab 3 quite soon.




Watch the Samsung's Galaxy & Ativ Premiere event here - reader comments

  • Vananucho

I'm in love with the Ativ Q :3 Intel CPU + Full Windows 8 + Android, now I can ditch my Nexus 7 and my laptop!

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  • 2013-06-22 22:22
  • LwMD
  • Dealbreaker

The deal breaker is that the Ativ Q is Wifi only, as far as I know. This makes Android obsolete.

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  • 2013-06-22 17:19
  • nR%Q
  • Jimmy

Lol, if you hate plastic, doesn't mean everyone does, go get a metal cover for yourself. Or just buy a piece of metal ant always keep it with you in your pants so that you know that you have "expensive" materials... Some people are just...

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  • 2013-06-21 23:57
  • mEvj