Samsung's new multimedia flagship just around the corner

02 June, 2009 | Comments (99) | Post your comment

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The mobile world isn't yet done celebrating the appearance of the second 12 megapixel handset and here come Samsung to provide some more joyful news. Apparently a new multimedia flagship will be unveiled in two weeks time at three events that will be held simultaneously in London, Dubai and Singapore.

The first specifications of the new device will be unveiled this Friday so make sure you check out our homepage regularly for updates. All we can give you for now is this X-ray photo of the multimedia monster that should even top the Samsung M8910 Pixon12 (or so we are hoping).

As far as rumors have it Samsung will go as far as revealing a whole lineup of smartphones - so perhaps these three events will showcase three different handsets? As much as we hope that this turns out to be true we will wait for an official confirmation before we start the celebrations.

Meanwhile if you are residing in any of the event cities you can enter the Samsung Unpacked competition for a chance to win the new phone or a nice cash prize of 5000 US dollars. All you have to do is enter your details here and then hope you will be among the lucky ones to unpack the handset.




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You are totally right! -Smartphone important for good nav software and other Apps -Xenon flash to have a useable camera in dark -5 or 8 MP not more > leads to noise in pictures (focus on lens !) -Amoled screen after seen Omnia HD (breat...

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