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when id dis comin out????????????

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  • 2004-11-23 19:24
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Nice one!

I would say that the features (preliminary) are standard. They are not the best, yet they don't suck, they are up to the standard that has been set by this time. SD-Card, MP3 etc. is no longer something new...people expect it in phones.
The 2 MP camera is still really good and if it is the quality that I'm used to (GX20) then I think this fone will be a hit.

I like the design. I must say that SHARP is sticking to some very basic marketing rules: Branding power and consistency. I mean this in a good way.
The phones don't look too different from each other, but yet there are simple changes and in this case (TM200) I like the sleekness and simple looks. The camera is well incorporated into the design, very symmetrical.

The screen this phone uses is "TFT", but with no indication to whether it is a CGS-TFT. I wonder why only the GX20 and GX30 (and TM100?) use it...does anyone know?

I am not quite sure where this phone will fit in... I guess it has been produced to give the same quality and features to GSM-only (With no Vodafone-UMTS) countries, where the V902SH and V802SH are not available. So it's a smart move, since many people desired the 902 and were quite disappointed when they found out they couldn't get it.

America and Australia, start partying ;)

I also hope that this phone is not Vodafone branded, and has a better scheduler in it. These great phones only loose points by not incorporating better managing and personal-assistant features.

Ok, well here you got my two cents. Everyone have a great day ;)


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  • 2004-11-20 17:31
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Design looks ugly for Sharp... Although 2MP camera, I wouldn't buy it. Don't want to walk around with this thing that looks like a premature motorola

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  • 2004-11-18 21:11
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lets hope it plays mpeg4 videos and its unlimited recording,full bluetooth and infrared

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  • 2004-11-18 16:10
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this phn is the best. waiting to see it. no doubt just....2 mp, ext mem, bluet, 256K best features I have ever examined.

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  • 2004-11-18 12:49
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