Siemens announces S75 and SL75

30 June, 2005 | Post your comment


Siemens today announced the new S75 and SL75 high-class models. Both phones are equipped with 1.3-megapixel cameras, 262K colors displays and MP3 players and support Bluetooth and EDGE. The Siemens S75 is the next mobile from the Siemens's business S line. Compared to the Siemens CX75, the new S75 has more internal memory (20 MB) and EDGE support. The S75 will be available in the colors "Piano Black" and "Zirconia" from October 2005.

The Siemens SL75 is a stylish slider from the SL line, which started the slider design (remember the SL10?). The elegant SL75 mobile has a generous amount of internal memory (52 MB), but compared to the S75 lacks the RS MMC memory slot and the infrared port. The SL75 will be available from October 2005 in the colors "Onyx Black" and "Pure Silver" and will cost around 400 euro.

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Siemens S75 –The business mobile to unwind with

Munich, Jun 30, 2005 | Whether you are on a business trip or traveling in a private capacity – the Siemens S75 takes care of musical entertainment while you are on the move. There is music in abundance in this fully equipped business mobile that combines an organizer, Bluetooth and a megapixel camera. All newly received calls, messages and appointments can be seen at a glance and the unified inbox – the shared incoming communication system – ensures that you are always well informed. The clearly designed address book, which shows which of your friends is currently online, is a practical feature for instant messaging. Spice up your working day with the integrated music player. You can play music with one single push of a button – whether you are calling up your emails or writing a text message at the time. Furthermore, you can use EDGE/GPRS technology to download the latest hits onto your mobile at high speed.

As a mobile office and music system in one, the S75 amalgamates a number of different talents. With the built-in organizer, you always have all your appointments and tasks fully under control – both in your hectic working life and during diverse leisure activities. Important data can be saved quickly and simply onto your PC either by USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth. The newly designed address book has a particularly clear layout displaying all contacts stored on both your SIM card and in the telephone. It also shows immediately whether your calling partner is currently available for instant messaging online. Do you have large numbers of messages, appointments and calls? Now you can always keep track of them on the large, resplendent telephone display (262,000 colors) in the unified inbox. Apart from emails, text messages and such like, it also contains the numbers of incoming calls and notifies you of important appointments.

Mobile musical appreciation for discriminating listeners: While on the move, you always have an excellent music center in your pocket with the S75. At the touch of a button, the multimedia mobile plays not only MP3 music, but also music in the particularly spacesaving AAC formats. As you are listening to your favorite songs, you can update your appointments diary, access emails, write an MMS or chat via instant messaging.

Finding your way around even the largest music collection is child’s play – all your music is automatically sorted by artist, album and style. Up to 10 hours of CD-quality music fit on the 128 MB RS multimedia card that comes with the S75, as well as in the 20 MB phone memory. Whether you want to stream or download music or video clips – you can do any of these simply and quickly with the mobile using an EDGE/GPRS cellular connection. Rich sound is guaranteed by the stereo headphones supplied with the S75.

The Headset Bluetooth Stereo HHB-750 (original accessories) with integrated display is the ideal complement to the S75. As well as allowing you to enjoy music in superb sound quality, it also enables you to talk comfortably handsfree without any cable connection to the telephone a nd operate the telephone’s music functions by remote control. Together with the folding active hi-fi speakers of the Mobile Music Set IMS-700 (original accessories), the S75 turns into a mobile stereo system guaranteed to get every party swinging. You can capture the most beautiful moments with the built-in 1.3 megapixel digital camera with digital zoom and photolight. Then you can send off the photographs directly to a photo printer via Bluetooth without cumbersome wires. And if you wish, you can also take your own video clips when the mood takes you.

Siemens’ extensive range of matching original accessories for the S75 includes the newly designed Car Kit Bluetooth ® SIM HKW-720, providing wireless operation in premium audio quality in your car while making only minimal energy demands on your mobile’s battery resources. Its multi-function display permits the S75 to be controlled remotely and the address book entries of the phone are automatically transferred to the car kit.

The S75 will be available in the colors "Piano Black" and "Zirconia" from October 2005.


The Siemens SL75 – mobile luxury meets elegant appearance

Munich, Jun 30, 2005 | Technology can be so beautiful. An aura of pure luxury surrounds the elegant SL75 design mobile from Siemens Communications. Its harmoniously rounded shapes are immediately appealing to both the eye and the hand. Because of a slider mechanism that operates particularly smoothly, it enables telephone calls to be conducted with ease, even with only one hand free, while shopping or on the golf-course. A glimpse behind the beautiful surface of this design masterpiece reveals the best that modern multimedia technology has to offer – a high-quality megapixel camera, a vibrant color display and a media player for music and video clips. The Headset Bluetooth ® HHB-700, which is as comfortable as it is shapely, makes a fitting accessory to complement the SL75.

Anything but ordinary: heads turn towards after the Siemens SL75 wherever it appears. This unique design masterpiece embodies elegant luxury and stylish elegance. With its luxurious appearance and a number of both beautiful and practical details, it has brought a breath of fresh air into top-of-the-range mobile phones. Its compact, round shape, reminiscent of a pebble that has been polished by the water, flatters any hand that encloses it. The stylish use of metallic and sheen effects makes for clear contours and visual vitality.

Whether shopping or in the gym – with the SL75, using a mobile phone is always a pleasure, even when user’s hands are full. The mobile can be operated with extreme ease, even with one hand. When the phone rings, it is possible to simply chat with the caller without touching the smooth running slider mechanism which releases the keypad. The media player and the digital camera can also be used effortlessly when the mobile phone is closed.

Whether for making mobile phone calls worldwide, taking photos and videos, listening to music or sending multimedia messages – the SL75 is extremely versatile. The SL75 has a 1.3 megapixel digital camera with LED photolight and 5x digital zoom, a video player, MP3, MMS, email, as well as Bluetooth and USB on board. The 52 MB internal memory provides sufficient space for storing your multimedia treasures safely. Of course, the built-in organizer with personal number storage as well as a fashionable 3D graphic is a must. Photos and films are shown to vibrant advantage on the large, colorful display. Moreover, the SL75 is a treat for the ears too. A wide variety of ringtones in MP3 and various AAC formats ensure the sound is right. In addition, entertaining video ringtones bring tempos and rythms of the music alive. It is even possible to listen to music while passing the time playing mobile phone games or writing a text message to friends.

Matching Siemens Original Accessories make the SL75 even more convenient. The comprehensive portfolio includes a large selection of headsets, like the wireless Headset Bluetooth® HHB-700 that harmonizes perfectly with the SL75 in both design and functions, or the Headset Purestyle HHS-610 with removable holder and earpiece hinge for optimum wearing comfort. Various Bluetooth car kits make your mobile phone safe to use in the car. The Car Kit Bluetooth ® Portable HKW-700 is a flexible handsfree solution with integrated display that provides the speech quality of a permanent fitting. The Mobile Music Set IMS-700 combines high-quality d esign with excellent sound quality. Together with the SL75, the folding active loudspeakers are transformed into a mobile stereo system. In addition, a number of charging and synchronization options are on offer for the SL75, while practical carrying cases ensure the mobile is always protected and ready to hand.

The SL75 will be available from October 2005 in the colors “Onyx Black” and “Pure Silver” and will cost around EUR400. From December, a winter variant will also be on sale in “Polar White.”