Siemens CC75 and CF110 – stylish and simple


Today Siemens introduced two tri-band GPRS phones with stylish look, but with basic features only - don't expect camera, high-resolution display, memory card slot or large internal memory. The Siemens CC75 bar shaped phone is very slim - it's only 12.6 mm thick; this is even slimmer than the famous Motorola RAZR V3, but of course the RAZR is a clamshell. The CC75 will be in the medium price range.

The Siemens CF110 is a compact slider with clear design. It is very slim for a slider, just 18 mm thick. The CF110 has EDGE connectivity, but no Bluetooth or infrared port. Siemens describes the price of the CF110 as "mid to low". Both phones will be available 4Q 2005.

Press releases

Simplicity is true luxury – the Siemens CC75 is the first genuine comfort mobile phone

Many mobile phone users just want one thing: simple telephone functions, but without compromising in any way on the quality or design of their mobile phone. The question they ask is: Why bother with a whole raft of different functions you don't want to use? Specifically for these people, Siemens has developed the CC75, a mobile phone that concentrates on the essential: convenient telephony when you're out and about, with a mobile phone whose design and material quality meet exceptionally high demands.

This reduction of various functions was a conscious choice with the CC75 and allowed the developers to concentrate on improving the essential core elements of the phone. With its clearly and logically designed graphics icons on both the first and second menu levels, the mobile phone is now even easier to operate. The display shows color depth and brilliance, and is particularly easy to read, as the 16-dot lettering is 33 percent larger than usual and visible from any angle. Its ergonomic design makes the super-slim mobile phone (barely over 1 cm deep at 12 mm) the comfort mobile phone of the premium class. Although purism and conscious reduction are the fundamental thoughts behind this completely new concept, the CC75 comes up with some innovative details: a voice message can be recorded simply by pressing a button on the side of the phone. The message can then be sent straightforwardly via MMS. This voice mail feature makes mobile communications even more user-friendly, as the laborious typing of text messages becomes a thing of the past. The high-class good looks of the CC75 with its aluminum frame meet high-end demands for premium design and materials. The solid, silver-colored casing is pleasantly cool to the touch and gives a feeling of real luxury as it lies in the hand. If it is necessary to make notes while phoning, or if both hands for other activities are needed, the elegant Headset Purestyle HHS-610 (original accessory) ensures optimum phoning convenience.

The CC75 will be available in the fourth quarter of this year in the color "Aluminium Silver" and will be in the medium price range.


Siemens CF110: The slim slider phone with a clear design language for those who like their phone to use as a fashion accessory

The small things in life are often the most beautiful – the same can also be said of the new CF110 slider mobile phone from Siemens. The nonchalant designed phone is a real attention grabber and is the perfect accessory, whether for evening wear or business outfits. The glittering metal effects of the mere 18-mm flat, silver-colored housing enhance its noble appearance particularly. It is also the brilliant trans-missive 65K TFT display which offers a perfect view onto the clear structured menue.

By concentrating on the essentials in technical terms, the CF110 has everything needed for mobile communication. Owing to its intuitive menu structure and central navigation button, the way around all its functions is easily found. Because this is a tri-band mobile, it can be used around the globe. There are so many ways to keep in touch with and thanks to integrated SMS and MMS the quick chat with friends and family is just as easy as the direct call. A variety of mobile phone games, such as Sea Battle or Marble Crossing, will keep the user rightly entertained , being shown to their best advantage on the luminous TFT color display. Important appointments and telephone numbers are always readily on hand and can be synchronized quickly and easily with the PC via a USB data cable. If needed GPRS is also provided for allowing rapid exchange of data. Communication problems are a thing of the past thanks to the integrated dictionary. For difficult situations on the move, all important emergency numbers for both at home and abroad are stored on the mobile phone. And another added convenience is that a range of Siemens headsets can be easily combined with the CF110 so that the handsfree chat is as easy as it can be and being on the road with the car the Car Kit Portable offers all the safety needed.

The CF110 will be available fourth quarter 2005 in "Moonlight Silver" and "Midnight Blue" and the price will be in the mid to low price range.




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