Siemens S65 vs. Nokia 7610: Comparing the megapixels

Marek Lutonský, 12 August 2004. Read the original review at
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Siemens S65 vs Nokia 7610. Update.

We have to do this update, because Siemens S65 has two types of optics: one is making pictures in a quality that we criticized in the article and the other one makes photos of a better quality. Firmware is also quite important for the picture quality. With the final product - in the phones that are being sold - you can be always sure that you have the right optics type and the actual firmware (unfortunately we weren't lucky with our first test phones). So, without further comments - take a look at the new set of photos and decide for yourself.

This time Siemens S65 photos are on the left side and Nokia 7610 photos are on the right side.

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