Sony Ericsson K660, W890 and W380 finally pop up

Sony Ericsson finally made up their minds and decided to announce officially the Sony Ericsson K660 that leaked on their very own website yesterday, as we already managed to inform you. Along it, the Sony Ericsson portfolio is further expanded with the announcement of two other spanking new handsets - the Walkman offspring Sony Ericsson W890 and the Sony Ericsson W380 (we had that coming too). But enough small talk, let's cut to the chase.

The Sony Ericsson K660 does not differ much from the rather recently announced Sony Ericsson K630. Both feature UMTS/HSDPA with video calls, both have 2 megapixel snappers (no auto focus folks), and finally both flaunt stereo Bluetooth, FM radio and M2 memory card slot. The Sony Ericsson K660 however will have quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support and an improved display (finally!). Its QVGA resolution will might as well make the K630 green with envy. The K660 promises more fun too, as it comes integrated with the Google Maps application, its Music player features the otherwise Walkmans-only MegaBass equalizer preset and it will ship with a 256MB memory card included.

Sony Ericsson K660 Sony Ericsson K660 Sony Ericsson K660 Sony Ericsson K660
Sony Ericsson K660

The Sony Ericsson K660 will be available in two color combos - "lime on white" and "wine on black". If not anything, at least they sound tasty. The K660 will be available in selected markets from Q1 2008.

The Sony Ericsson W890 Walkman is next in line as the successor of the overwhelmingly popular slim Shady, or otherwise known as Sony Ericsson W880. Packing the Walkman music player 3.0 and a 3 megapixel camera this new baby stands at only 9.9 mm thickness. Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE plus HSDPA complement its slim figure. You probably remember that a Sony Ericsson W890 prototype leaked more than a month ago back in good old Poland. Software-wise the W890 flaunts support for Flash Lite themes and the multimedia content is organized via the same Media Center application, as seen in Sony Ericsson K850. The new Walkman has a 2" 262K color display with QVGA resolution, FM radio and will sort your tracks for you thanks to the SensMe technology that should sense your mood and adjust your playlist accordingly. If that's not enough, Sony Ericsson are also throwing a 2GB memory card for you in the retail package.

Sony Ericsson W380 Sony Ericsson W380 Sony Ericsson W380 Sony Ericsson W380
Sony Ericsson W890

The Sony Ericsson W890 will be available in Q1 2008 in three expressive colors: Espresso Black, Mocha Brown, and Sparkling Silver.

The Sony Ericsson W380 is a more modest Walkman that comes in the clamshell form factor. It sports tri-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support and has a 1.3 megapixel camera. It surely has a display to match those specs (read lower midrange) in the face of the 1.9" 262K color TFT display with a resolution of 176 x 220 pixels and an external OLED one with a resolution of 36 x 128 pixels. The stereo Bluetooth and the FM radio complement the bunch. Probably the most exciting thing in a run-of-the-mill handset like the W380 is the added brand new gesture control. It allows you to mute calls or silence the wake-up alarm with a wave of your hand.

Sony Ericsson W890 Sony Ericsson W890 Sony Ericsson W890 Sony Ericsson W890
Sony Ericsson W380

The Sony Ericsson W380 will ship again from Q1 2008 along with a 512MB memory card and two interesting colors - Electric Purple and Magnetic Grey.




Sony Ericsson K660, W890 and W380 finally pop up - reader comments

  • bryan

I am not so shure whether the senzor under the camera is the one that serves this functionality. However, Gesture Control is trully an innovation. I am a bit odd why SE have introduced this feature for the first time in such a low-end phone.

  • Reply
  • 2007-11-12 13:49
  • 0BiV
  • Anonymous

Finally, there are interesting new mobile phones annouced by Sony Ericsson!

  • Reply
  • 2007-11-10 09:54
  • TIE7
  • SE_lover

Fantastic new era phone by sony! congrats.. Really apppreciated with both W series phone... w380 and w890..

  • Reply
  • 2007-11-09 15:09
  • ib1L