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im planning to buy a phone with specifications like this t707. is it a good phone and is there any other options like it?

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  • 2010-10-06 21:24
  • 39EU
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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2010-09-21 19:09 from n4KN - click to readcan u plz tell me wer u're from?? i'm from india but this phone is not available here.. i've fallen in luv wid it jus by the looks of it and i wanna get it... is it available in london or dubai??

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  • 2010-10-06 17:02
  • ut1$
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> In reply to james @ 2010-09-11 11:02 from vuq3 - click to readThe same thing happened to mind recently I only have had it 7 months.

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  • 2010-09-29 01:09
  • qPeX
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This phone was y no white colour?

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  • 2010-09-24 12:15
  • PS69
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I love this phone and it has lots of cool stuff but i highly sugest getting spare bettery, because is you dont use the phone for a little while and when yo turn it on you have to swap battery. i think it is best.
The buttons are really easy to push and it is easy to text and it sits nicly on your ear. this is a good phone for its purpous.

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  • 2010-09-21 19:09
  • n4KN
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this phone or w508?

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  • 2010-09-20 12:31
  • tVu0
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Nice phone easy to use , good key pad. One big catch the finish o my front cover is chipping off , now the phone looks battered and worn out even though it is only about 10 months old. dissapointing as the form and liensof this phone are very nice.

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  • 2010-09-11 11:02
  • vuq3
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> In reply to Rebecca @ 2010-08-31 06:50 from IWH$ - click to readI love the phone but I had the same problem you had I called the Sony customer service/ technical support and they were very helpful. They help me as much as they could over the phone but I had to send my phone to them they fixed it free of charge and I had my phone back within a week.

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  • 2010-09-07 17:17
  • xTjB
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is it worthed if i buy this phone???

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  • 2010-09-06 08:11
  • PAJ{
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what´s a diference with w707?

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  • 2010-09-03 21:12
  • LEt7
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I really admire this phone..but I heard a lot of problem about this phone from my friend's.. so should I buy this phone???

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  • 2010-09-03 18:57
  • tVsw
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i have beem using this phone for about 10 months now, and i am a happy customer as thinks works well for me for the past 10 months. Until yesterday, my phone was working extremely fine, after charging i brought the phone back into the room, and the next time i found out when i see my phone is a vertical line crossing the external display whenever it is being lighted up. I tried to restart my phone, but thing turns out the same.

Pls someone, help me to solve my issue, i'll be grateful =(

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  • 2010-08-31 06:50
  • IWH$
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This phone is very nice and the colour of the phone is also nice.This is most suitable for girls and not so suitable for boys.Its button is quite big and it is suitable for big fingers.

This phone is a nice and beautiful for me :)

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  • 2010-08-14 18:22
  • tZjF
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Just returned my T707 after 3 weeks of trying to get it to function.
1. Extremely short battery life. Needs a charge after two days and "maybe" an hr of talktime.
2. Hangs up when touched. No matter how I try to handle it (hinge side with 2 fingers, sides or open end by 2 fingers, it would hang up the call.
Not impressed.

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  • 2010-08-12 04:23
  • kSke
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is this phone the same as the tm717 or is the tm717 the upgrade to this phone?

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  • 2010-08-11 07:13
  • MsNF
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How come I had frequent drop calls with this phone?

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  • 2010-08-09 20:23
  • 47ef
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Overall: It's a great phone.

- Very nice design.
- Awesome light effects.
- I love the subtle buzz when you're scrolling down your menu.
- The battery life is ok.
- The display is nicely made.
- Easy menu, every function can be found easily.
- The volume can go pretty loud.
- Gesture control: You only need to practice a while, but it's sure worth it.
- The games: Bubble Town is so addictive :D
- Texting: The speech bubbles are interesting, more attractive to read messages.

- There's no USB-cable included.
- The memory is rather small, you have to buy a M2 card, which is even more expensive then an usual micro SD card. Together with the USB-cable, it can cost you over 40 euro.
- Texting: If you have rather small fingers, texting won't be as easy as for bigger fingers. There is a lot of space between the buttons.
- The camera is ok to use, but if you want high quality pictures, this phone is not ideal.
- The display is very sensitive for fingerprints. It's not really a big deal, but quite annoying if you want your phone to shine.

As I've said before, the phone is quite good. If you want to impress your friends, I'd say: Go out there and buy one. :)

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  • 2010-08-08 14:51
  • m7x0
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dis phone is quit good...i love the design and colour...but 4 those who will always use 3G i think dis phone is not suitable cz the camera placed behind the phone..except tat ..everything is ok..

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  • 2010-08-07 13:12
  • wHUp
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superb design..!not faced any prbz as such..til now...

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  • 2010-07-22 17:54
  • i415
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Can anyone please reply me.....
Is this phone worth to buy?
Are all the functions working well and smoothly?
What are the problems faced when using it?
How about compare it with Z750 and Z610?
Which one better?

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  • 2010-07-21 05:23
  • EqLe
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