Sony Ericsson Vivaz goes on preorder at Vodafone UK

24 February, 2010 | Comments (64) | Post your comment

Shocking as it may sound, Sony Ericsson will be a little late with getting one of their phones on the market. The Sony Ericsson Vivaz was supposed to hit the shelves in February in a joint launch with the XPERIA X10 but apparently neither of them is going to make it in time.

The Symbian-running Sony Ericsson Vivaz is already available for preorder from Vodafone UK but will actually hit their shelves on 9 March. The phone will be available for free on a 2-year 30 GBP/month contract including 600 anytime minutes and unlimited texts.

Update 02 March: Currently, Vodafone UKs site informs that the Vivaz will actually become available on March 12.

There is no UK exclusivity about this deal and other carriers will get the Sony Ericsson Vivaz too, but it's the first concrete date that we get.

In case you are still undecided about the eventual purchase of the Vivaz you can check out our review. A demo of its impressive panorama feature can be found in our blog as well.

Editorial: This one caused a storm. We guess we need to step up and clear something out. Regardless of what fans might be thinking, we don't gather at night to burn Sony Ericsson flags and cast curses on the Swedish-Japanese joint venture.

If some of the said fans actually bothered to read the Sony Ericsson Vivaz review, they would know that we quite liked the little fella. Don't you think that if we wanted to get one back at them, that would've been the best place to do it? Not to mention Nick's blogpost the other day, which says it in plain language: that we are happy users.

But no, god forbid we write about another delay by Sony Ericsson. There might be a point in all this anyway: A Sony Ericsson delay is hardly news anymore.





Sony Ericsson Vivaz goes on preorder at Vodafone UK - reader comments

  • kk

is it video chat enabled?

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  • 2011-04-18 16:26
  • ut81
  • False information

Your wrong on that. Nokia X6 has camera features, White balance, Sharpness, ISO, Color editing,Resolution size, red eye, self timer for taking pictures, burst shots, time shots, Color tone , Exp compen etc Please research X6 before giving fake info...

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  • 2010-03-03 10:39
  • uBF9
  • Anonymous

the x2 was a vodafone exclusive but now vodafone are'nt taking it it will not hit u.k markets according to sony.

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  • 2010-03-02 15:21
  • Mx@E