Sony Ericsson W880 leaks on T-Mobile

News Update: On 8 Jan 2007 Sony Ericsson announced their first official photos of the highly awaited W880. It turned out that it's not a clamshell, but a bar-shaped ultra slim handset with a fascinating design. Obviously the information leak from T-Mobile website was a mistake. So please disregard the information below and check out the first official photos published here.

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For our surprise, we just happened to spot an unknown Sony Ericsson mobile on the website of the Czech T-Mobile. A closer look at the photo, revealed that the device pictured highly resembled the Japanese Sony Ericsson W42s, as seen on the following pictures.

Sony Ericsson W880
An unknown Sony Ericsson mobile leaks on the T-Mobile web site

Sony Ericsson W42S Sony Ericsson W42S Sony Ericsson W42S Sony Ericsson W42S Sony Ericsson W42S Sony Ericsson W42S
Sony Ericsson W42S for Japan, which looks a lot like the leaked W880 GSM model

To an even greater suprise the T-Mobile website designates the unknown device as W880. All the recent rumours of a would-be W880 spoke of an ultra-slim all-metallic handset which is just on the contrary with these findings.

Take a closer look at the interesting control button in the bottom of the device. It resembles more than anything the one seen in the Japanese W42S. It seems that the European division of Sony Ericsson has a nice new treat for the Walkman fans. The new device is suspected to be officially announced by the end of the year or at least at the 3GSM happening in Barcelona, February 2007. We would be visiting that event and would have an interesting live coverage for you. So stay tuned!

Bear in mind that this is actually an information leakage we decided to share with you and not a real official announcement.





Sony Ericsson W880 leaks on T-Mobile - reader comments

  • maks

nice model,.....

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  • 2012-01-07 16:06
  • 98WE
  • dlee

there're photos out of THE ACTUAL w880i!!! you can see them at -sony-ericsson-ai-w880-photos-221722.php... other than that, you can google it n find the pics. it's nothing like this one...

  • Reply
  • 2007-01-20 07:31
  • TSVW
  • Anonymous

Someone has played with the mix of releases, actually it is W42S which is SonyEricsson CDMA Japan product. SonyEricsson has announced W880i model name but not pictures so hold your breath for a very stunning phone. Malik

  • Reply
  • 2007-01-18 19:56
  • waU$