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my phone falled down to wet area when i sent it for repair they said un repairable

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  • 2009-07-14 14:09
  • Nyjx
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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-06-14 04:58 from 2@fx - click to readIt's better using playlists and having the album art support using the software instead of using the drag n drop method, which I perform also!

But I usually drag n drop the files AFTER I imported them into iTunes after I've tagged the files with the album art!

Too bad SE's Media software, now updated to MediaGo, still S-cks!! SE never can make good media software for their phones!!

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  • 2009-07-13 04:00
  • I0H@
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> In reply to Slash @ 2009-06-23 20:24 from pqEc - click to readDownload the NEW Update software (check out the newer models like the W995's software section). It's much better than the previous version which was Cr-p!!

Still have my w890 and upgraded it and it works fine though now it's my backup phone as I've switched over to the W995!

Weird how many people are complaining about the phone now especially how it restarts itself! Never had that problem with mine(KNOCK ON WOOD)!

It's a good phone with good reception, depending on the call area) and the media player works fine!

Just a tad small and the camera S-cks! No AF/Flash so shots generally came out blurry! Use a dedicated digital camera so don't care anymore! It's not meant to be a camera phone anyway!

The w890 is now replaced by the W705 which is a slider phone but the camera still isn't good, according to various online reviews! It is a Walkman phone!

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  • 2009-07-13 03:57
  • I0H@
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i used this phone for 4 months, this phone really good.. before i updated software, this phone always restart. but after that it's ok to use this....

when use camera just don't use camera shutter, just d-pad to avoid blur when u take a picture.

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  • 2009-07-10 06:24
  • wrXF
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After 9 months of usage, these are the major issues plaguing the phone
- Photos are very prone to shaking, where even slight movement makes the photos blurry, thus rendering it almost useless.
- Frequent errors at certain memory points used to store SMS messages. Deleting these messages in bulk results in instant reboot, or complete crash with a red light (recovery by removing battery)
- Occasional crashes on answering calls.
- Music skips or stalls while playing halfway.

I don't recommend this phone unless you like the slim look and feel, which was what caught my attention in the first place.

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  • 2009-07-09 10:17
  • Ui$1
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i had a long desire to use sonyericsson and my first set is i m now bored to use this set. it hangs several times in a day. i personally discourage the user to use this set.

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  • 2009-07-05 19:01
  • P%%t
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I personally would tell anybody to take this phone, its a very good phone, if it give software problems. They give you a new one. And there's not much with problems.. Sony ericsson rule.

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  • 2009-07-05 14:48
  • p$Kx
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> In reply to jamia punat @ 2009-06-29 15:08 from uH$x - click to readI olso use this phone. speaker is really sux. .so slow and easily exploded.

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  • 2009-07-05 11:46
  • PS6f
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> In reply to jamia punat @ 2009-06-29 15:08 from uH$x - click to readit is a good phone the speaker could be louder its a very tidy phone id give it 7 out of 10

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  • 2009-07-03 11:57
  • M3s@
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The phone looks great but it is crap - I have had so many problems with it. STAY AWAY

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  • 2009-07-02 13:20
  • mc2v
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can someone tell me,is this a gud phone???
i heard tat the phone speaker is xit true

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  • 2009-06-29 15:08
  • uH$x
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its a good fone bt it cant compare with the w810i

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  • 2009-06-26 18:32
  • ftb}
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it's a great slim paper weight phone.. very cool too have.... but my w890i has a problem... it slows other phone functions during playback... sometimes it even restarts and sets theme and ringtones to default... hope sony ericsson gets a soltion to this problem...

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  • 2009-06-25 22:36
  • PSwe
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I had this phone
Loved it appearance and stylish design, but was an embarassment as it kept restarting

Software can't be upgraded

Makes nice paper-weight though

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  • 2009-06-25 10:04
  • NH}r
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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-06-24 18:39 from 2@f@ - click to readthanks for the comments, but i am sure my phone is a regular SE phone.
the Vodafone icon is there only because it had the Vodafone firmware for some reason.
when newer firmware was flashed, it was gone (but unfortunately so did some of the languages).

the question is how the fimrware language is added?
maybe it is a different file that the store can add to the latest firmware which they do have...

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  • 2009-06-25 07:28
  • pqEc
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> In reply to Slash @ 2009-06-23 20:24 from pqEc - click to readi am sure your phone is not normal sony hv some thing to do with other brands tht's y those icons and all .

i will suggest tht if u want best performance than nerver use sony phones in which software hv been changed by other companies in some way.

in those phones in which sony sofware hv been altered by other companies usually suffer from poor sound

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  • 2009-06-24 18:39
  • 2@f@
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> In reply to Slash @ 2009-06-23 20:24 from pqEc - click to readi think no new firmware is avaliable for your bcoz your hv some thing to do with vodaphone tht's y it hv tht logo. normal sony phones dont hv tht.

some firmware r those which r linked to some companies like orange etc

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  • 2009-06-24 18:34
  • 2@f@
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firmware update - HELP !!!

i am having problems updating my firmware.
i have the phone about a year now and did not manage to do it even once.
SE SW update service constantly says my phone is having latest firmware.
i do not have latest firmware!!!
i have 1200-9164 R1FA030 080504
i know new firmwares link R1FA035 and R1FA037 are available.

i suffer from bugs that are resolved for a long time now - e.g.
low speaker volume and bad sound quality
phone hang occasionally and do not respond for many seconds

few more details about my phone:
1. i basically bought it SIM FREE unlocked in a shop.
2. i have a "Vodafone live" icon on the menu
(not sure if this means the phone is BRANDED or not)
3. i have HEBREW (my mother tongue) language installed in the phone.

more efforts that i made:
i went to the store and they downloaded latest firmware from SE flashing my phone.
after it was flashed with newer firmwares the Vodafone icon was gone but so did the HEBREW.
they said the newer firmwares does not support HEBREW so they moved me back to my original firmware.

why can't i have the bugs fixed and still have my language?
please help, i love this phone but suffer from severe bugs that are fixed for ages.

i was also happy to know more about my fimrware:
is it BRANDED?
whay does all the figures in the firmware name state?

thanks, Slash.

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  • 2009-06-23 20:24
  • pqEc
  • U! i am using a w890i how to down load mms picture.

how can i download the mms picture if they send it to me if i used this...

menu > settings > (toolbar) setup wizard > setting dowload > (the msgs like this No settings available.

pls. give me option how to download the mms picture.


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  • 2009-06-22 16:06
  • 0Cp@
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is that phone louder than nokia5310 xpressmusic?

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  • 2009-06-20 16:03
  • fuNB
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