Sony Ericsson's new naming convention is on

After a week of hard Sony Ericsson previewing here at GSMArena, seems like they are still making the headlines again this week. This time it's all about names. The Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog revealed the new nomenclature scheme that Sony Ericsson will be using in their latest and future products.

Another reported change is that the "i"-symbol will be dropped from now on. As you can see here in the full Sony Ericsson portfolio there are already 8 handsets without the "i" tag. As it seems, all handsets that come without the tag will be following the new naming nomenclature as depicted on the right.

In the same time the "a" and "c" designations are here to stay - they would still denote model versions for the American and Chinese market.

The fate of the K-series is still unknown. Sony Ericsson fans have grown to love the K-phones over the years and we doubt that they will be dumping it so easily, but who knows.

As you already probably know, the new camera-centric mobiles by the brand will be named as C-series - that stems either from Camera or from Cyber-shot. The G-series, which we previewed last week, is named after the Generation Web platform.

And finally, the last reported change is that from now on, the S-series will mean "Snapshot" instead of "Slider/Swivel". We will see about that, as no new products have been announced with the "S" designation.

The rest of the series we've come to know will be left untouched. And you can bet we are looking forward to the Sony Ericsson P5 announcement this summer.




Sony Ericsson's new naming convention is on - reader comments

  • Anonymous

is the ,,i'' also dropped in C702,because i have seen a C702i,and i knew it was a fake,because there is no confirmation from sony ericsson for this phone (C702i)

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  • 2008-09-10 10:36
  • iG61
  • lonestar

I think the 'S' in (Snapshot) wud make more sense if it was 'Snapshut'. I mean when u hear Snapshot, ppl will think 'Picture'. But when u hear 'Snapshut' ppl will think "Not a bar form factor". Just a sugestion. CHEERS^_^

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  • 2008-04-13 01:59
  • LBHT
  • tadpole

cool idea :P

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  • 2008-04-09 10:23
  • mM$j