Sony Xperia L now getting Android 4.2.2

29 October, 2013 | Comments (273) | Post your comment

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Sony has started seeding Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean for the Xperia L smartphone. The update is available through the PC Companion and weighs about 700MB.

In addition to bringing your Android version to 4.2.2, the update packs several tweaks to the home-baked launcher. Those include a new homescreen, improved search and app sorting, updated media apps (Walkman, Album and Movies), easier Small Apps and two new camera features - Burst mode and Auto Scene Recognition.

The guys over XperiaGuide have built a rather detailed changelog. Here it is:

  • New homescreen UI, you can add up to 7 window panes now.
  • Add more widgets in homescreen and lockscreen.
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements.
  • Superior auto mode (auto scene recognition) and Burst Mode feature added in Camera interface.
  • Better photo quality.
  • Updated Sony Media apps.
  • Small apps accessible from homescreen.
  • Improved search and app sorting now.
  • New Keyboard added.
  • Transparent dock at the bottom part on homescreen.
  • False memory notification bug is rectified.
  • Day Dream feature added in display settings.

So, if you own a Sony Xperia L, you should keep an eye on your notification area. The update is either available or just around the corner. Given, Sony's recent track record it shouldn't take more than a few weeks for the update to reach every Xperia L unit globally.

Thank you, Anurag, for the tip!





Sony Xperia L now getting Android 4.2.2 - reader comments

  • Saanss...

Me facing the same problem... twice gave it in the service center but of no use... Can u suggest me ,if u got any solution for this problem... thoroughly pissed off

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  • fajlur sardar


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  • 2014-12-24 07:44
  • KAeQ
  • hari

I'm planning to update my phone to 15.3.a.0.26 ... And I saw the reviewz to so people.... Give me your susuggestions

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  • 2014-12-05 18:02
  • KhtU