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If Z2 users are
Planning to buy Z3.Then this is simply chutzpah.
Only minor changes are there.
On the contrary their is a difference of specific amount between Z3 & Z2.
For the users other than Z2 I will suggest them to purchase Z2 rather then Z3.
If anyone still wanna purchase Z3
first read the specifications of both the phones(Z3&Z2) keeping in mind the price factor also.
Good luck

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  • 2014-10-24 17:40
  • vGcs
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> In reply to Vinodh @ 2014-10-24 13:51 from uFwj - click to readHere's an interesting fact about Anonymous XNAh, he doesn't even own an actual Z2!

Z2 was first released first week of April, and on April 18, he posted that he'll soon get the Z2, as it was only a month later that the rest of the world started selling the Z2:

On May 25,he mistakenly claimed he got the Z2 early April. He's not from Singapore:

The point is, he's been posing as an Xperia Know-It-All, and also claiming having the C3 and T2 Ultra as even superior than Samsung flagships. Those must be the devices he's actually using... He's been flooding about them in Samsung pages

I have no hatred with the Z3, as Sony finally improve lots of thing what the first Z should have been.

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  • 2014-10-24 17:11
  • v0qJ
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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2014-10-24 13:43 from XNAh - click to readI don't need any certificate from you. I had Z1 for an year, happy to upgrade to Z3. I just said what I observed and did mention shall update more on using it more. And for your brilliance, check posts of last few days, I have been posting since I got this mobile. I own a mobile and I have all rights to speak. No more reply to you. I'm stopping with this. There are more sensible readers who could help me in case of issues. Get life, stop replying unnecessarily. You are never asked anything.

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  • 2014-10-24 13:51
  • uFwj
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> In reply to Vinodh @ 2014-10-24 13:33 from uFwj - click to readOh, too late:)
We all know, you lacks real experiences in Z3 and a Samsung troller, sorry:)

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  • 2014-10-24 13:43
  • XNAh
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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2014-10-24 13:37 from XNAh - click to readDo you have a Z3 first? I doubt that. Restart is an option given in this mobile. Its a good option but sometimes it is not working as desired. Why do you misinterpret everything. I own a Z3 and happy with that.

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  • 2014-10-24 13:40
  • uFwj
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> In reply to Vinodh @ 2014-10-24 11:49 from 9xnS - click to readIn addition to, "restart mood" is for low quality Samsung phones with laggy and slow performance
It is not for Sony lineups:)
True cannot covered with dummy words:)

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  • 2014-10-24 13:37
  • XNAh
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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2014-10-24 13:25 from XNAh - click to readI'm least bothered what you speak about me. I owned a Z1 before upgrading to Z3, 3 days back. I don't have to prove you anything. Those were my opinions and I never said anything about performance of mobile. Did I compare Sony's camera with Samsung. Get life. Stop cross posting unnecessarily. I will have to report you then.

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  • 2014-10-24 13:33
  • uFwj
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> In reply to Vinodh @ 2014-10-24 11:49 from 9xnS - click to readYour comment is so long but it it has no effective points:)
Firstly, you have false opinion in Z3 camera as Z3 has ISO 18000 for low light performance:) Even my Z2 has better performance than other Samsung phones!
Didn't you know wthout stamina mood, Z3 lasts for 2 days in battery life?? And" stamina saving mood" is one of the best features to keep battery life
You have more experience in using Samsung than using Z3
Conclusion, it is clearly, you did not have Z3 in real life
We know , you are a Samsung mid_range phone user as toy did not know well the premium Z3 's features and wrote vaguely opinions
Don't lie our premium forum:)

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  • 2014-10-24 13:25
  • XNAh
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> In reply to TheChief @ 2014-10-24 06:49 from vxp1 - click to readPlease read carefully to my last post:)
I am sorry ,your note 4 didn't compete to Z3!

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  • 2014-10-24 13:07
  • XNAh
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> In reply to issos @ 2014-10-22 18:37 from Hx7S - click to readThanks issos. It worked perfectly. Updated to latest firmware. Here is my observation after using this phone for 3 days.
1. Audio quality is good. Sounds brilliant in my tekfusion twinwookers. Absolute beauty.
2. Camera is good. Still low light issue is there. That is because of the flash, not enough.
3. Build quality is awesome. Slim and sleek.
4. Software development has come a long way. Lot of improvements but still couldn't compete with Samsung.
5. Restart is a very good option given as like in Samsung phones.
6. Movies app now plays majority formats. But still I use a third party app.
1. Mobile gets hot a bit.
2. Software development: For ex, smart call handling. If you have activated it, if someone comes in second line, when you take mobile from your ear and see who is that and if you take it back to your ear, it switches the call to second line. basically it attends the call if you take it near your ear, not considering even if you are in a call.
3. Camera - Panaroma shot is shit. Struggling to get the pace it looks for. Photo taken at sunlight is awesome. Low light, Z3 struggles big time.
4. Ultra Stamina mode spoken too much, it works if you switch off your internet, picture engine, wifi everything. Ultimately your old mobiles used for only speaking and texting, that's it.
5. Sometimes when I restart mobile, it doesn't restart just get switched off. Dint work properly.
Shall update some more Pros and Cons as I use it more. Thanks.

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  • 2014-10-24 11:49
  • 9xnS
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> In reply to TheChief @ 2014-10-24 06:49 from vxp1 - click to readDont mind that guy from XNAh, he is not complete in his mind.

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  • 2014-10-24 11:48
  • Kg%1
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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2014-10-24 06:29 from XNAh - click to readit was a very nice comparison i haver used z3 and it is better than iphone 6 and 6plus and also better than note4,lg g3 ,samsung alpha i think it is the best ever smartphone made till ever cheers sony

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  • 2014-10-24 06:59
  • X0T1
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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2014-10-24 06:29 from XNAh - click to readRead my last post again. you proved nothing with all the nonsense you just typed. Give us the CNET link. Lies made up by you.

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  • 2014-10-24 06:49
  • vxp1
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> In reply to TheChief @ 2014-10-24 04:07 from vxp1 - click to readHay, The Chief:)
OK, we consider that note4 is 25 gram heavier than Z3!
So, you have to carry daily extra 25 or 26 gram in your bag
And , note4 forces your muscles in long term use.
Moreover, for travelling , it is a clumsy ,heavy plastic plate and hold much place
To reduce thickness, manufacturer has a great deal of skill and talent
Reducing 1.2 mm thickness is the technical wise of Sony and it show the superior design of Z3
Of course, camera bump in note4 takes up to 1.5 mm thickness and so the thickness of note4 is up to "10mm",the same to nexus 6 thickness
Another drawback of note 4 is using USB 2.0 instead 3.0 in note3
According to CNET, note4 has held 64g SD, so it is not sufficient for 4k recording as 4k video has big file size
Most reviews claim Z3 has 2_day battery life span!
Z3 users enjoy the amazing battery life in real life but note4 battery life is "on paper"
It has only shorter battery life, in real life as 1440p display and extra spen features suck battery
Note4 camera' photo are full of yellowish colour
( you can find easily the influence of yellow in photos)
Moreover, note4 camera' make auto zoomed photos(16:9) compared to 4:3 Z3's most natural photos and note4 is very dull in low light performance.
Using mono speakers show note4 is used low quality materials, Although price of note4 is very high!
Of course, note4 is a thick and heavy phone with 67 preinstalled apps and 3 pages of Samsung apps and so background processing is infinity and it make note4 " slow and laggy":D
Sound quality with mono speakers is loud and noisy but it is not clear, rich and privacy*
Z3 has stereo speakers and sound quality is incredibly rich and very clear and privacy in loud speaker and headset performances
Moreover, With NC 31 E noise cancelling headset, Z3 creat a LIVE music show
Most Waterproof and dust tight quality is the most useful quality for our daily life ( unfortunately, note4 lacks waterproof quality)

That's why, in all ways include design,quality, speed and performance and sound and Di on, Z3 is" better better" than note4

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  • 2014-10-24 06:29
  • XNAh
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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2014-10-23 06:41 from XNAh - click to readYou said, "Note 4 is "26 gram" heavier than Z3"
- It's actually 24 grams, not 26. You can see all comparisons between two phones:

You said, "Note 4 is also thicker than Z3"
- It's only 1.2mm thicker. Wow.

You said, "Camera in note 4 is not bad in 16 mp level but it cannot compete Z3' camera in daylight and low light performance. Z3 'camera lens has wider angle and amazing ISO 18000"
- Overall, the Note 4 actually performed best in the blind test of Phone Arena.

You said, "According to CNET review, it accept only 64 g SD card so, for 4k recording , it makes heat issue and shuts down in "3 minutes""
- Are you talking about the Z3? Because CNET rated the Note 4 with 4.5 out of 5, and they never mentioned any problems with 4K video recording. It also accepts 128GB micro SD cards.

You said, "In note4, Audio quality is poor and it use poor quality mono speakers"
- According to GSM Arena, the Note 4's speakers go up to 74.7db (rated as Excellent), while the Z3 goes only 69.7db (rated as Average).

You said, "Moreover, note4 lacks physical camera button and it has the shortest battery life because of 1440p display
Z3 has 2_day battery life span"
- According to GSM Arena, the Note 4 goes 87h endurane rating, while the Z3 only goes for 85h.

It seems you made up most of the stuff up.

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  • 2014-10-24 04:07
  • vxp1
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superbbbbb phone best music quality unmatchh by other phone i think no other brand can compete sony for music just wonder why people are behind samsung especially which has crappy music quality....overall best music quality decent battery life best camera xperia z3 thumbs up

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  • 2014-10-24 03:40
  • 3YaS
  • H

I have followed sony for long time, in music & camera phones SONY is the best.forget Samsung phones and tablets.introducing phones every day by samsung doesn't make samsung phones better than xperia . without google android os Samsung for R.I.P long time ago.all Samsung paid "troll"can only deceive who haven't use samsung phones before.

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  • 2014-10-24 00:20
  • r3He
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> In reply to Anonymous @ 2014-10-23 06:22 from thdN - click to readCheap junk? Seriously? That would make the plastic built phones lower than junk, right! This is out of your reach and your jealousy is showing so much your eyes are now Green! Stop trolling, dear and get a life!

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  • 2014-10-23 21:30
  • nIIk
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kutta tareen mobile ever..same as difference...bloody idiot fool sony company.....

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  • 2014-10-23 17:19
  • KIPZ
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Why the colours in the camera look so bright. Even some colours looks different

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  • 2014-10-23 16:41
  • 3A}D
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