Sony's CES press conference scheduled for January 6

13 December, 2013 | Comments (25) | Post your comment

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New Year's Eve is approaching and with it time for celebration and, of course, CES. Today Sony confirmed its event will be held the day before CES officially kicks off on January 7.

The Sony press conference will be held on January 6 (Monday) at LVCC, Central Hall. For those that won't be there, it starts 5pm local time and will run for 45 minutes, so you can expect the news of the new devices to roll in by 6pm PST.

Sony's schedule lists 15 device categories, including tablets, netbooks, photography equipment and accessories, e-books, 3D video, portable and high-performance audio.

So, we could be looking at a new Xperia Tablet or a Windows 8 tablet, but there's nothing in the rumor mill. Smartphones weren’t called out by name, but the rumor is that the Sony Xperia Z1s / Z1 mini will be unveiled at CES.

Anyway, we will be attending CES and we'll bring you news and hands-on impressions of whatever Sony does announce at the conference.

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Sony's CES press conference scheduled for January 6 - reader comments

  • RockyRoad

Hopefully a Tablet Z1, with a 2560*1600 resolution - that's pretty much all that needs improvement in the Tablet Z-line.

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  • 2013-12-15 20:47
  • nhfG
  • Mehedi-Hasan2

You have to choose one from other companies Plastic Crap's Or from iPhone's various design... :p LOL

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  • 2013-12-15 10:27
  • K2In
  • Shinnn

@man Why don't you go post that to most Samsung phone out there?

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  • 2013-12-15 09:39
  • Y1hv