Sound malfunction in Siemens 65 series

31 Aug, 2004 | Post your comment

Tags: Siemens

All Siemens 65-generation mobiles (C65, CX65, M65, S65, SL65) face a potential sound malfunction. The melody that indicates the shutdown of the mobile may resound at a very high volume in some cases. In the event of running out of battery while making a call, the handset and hence the shut-down sound are very close to the userís ear. In extreme cases, if the loud playback occurs while a user is still holding the phone to his or her ear, it may present some risk to the person's hearing.

To eliminate this potential malfunction and thus preventing the unusual event of encountering hearing nuisance it is recommended to deactivate the shut-down melody of your mobile. This is how to do it:

††1. Choose SETUP in the main menu
††2. Select RINGTONES
††4. By clicking SWITCH OFF deactivate the shut-down melody