Samsung sold more LTE smartphones than Apple in Q2

25 August, 2014 | Comments (58) | Post your comment

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According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung occupies the top spot on the global market for LTE smartphones in Q2 this year. The Korean giant took the leadership position with 28.6 million devices sold on its way to 32.2% share.

Samsung overtook Apple, which was the leading vendor in the previous quarter with 40.5% share from 32.7 million devices sold. The Cupertino giant recorded 31.9% market share in Q2.

LG came in a distant third in the race with 5.2% of the market in Q2. Combined, the trio of manufacturers holds close to 70% share of the market for LTE handset in the quarter.

Samsung’s success in the second quarter of this year was achieved thanks to the launch of the Galaxy S5 flagship, as well as its broader range of 4G smartphones. The ageing iPhone 5s, combined with the lack of low and mid-range handsets from Cupertino dragged it down from the top spot.





Samsung sold more LTE smartphones than Apple in Q2 - reader comments

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Congrat Samsung.. Hoping more successfull in Q3 - Q4

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What threat would that be?

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